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Yaba: Thai Drug Dealers Get Kids Hooked On New Meth Candy

Yaba pillsNew drug called Yaba could be gaining popularity in the states. Yaba pills are illegal substances are a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine.  Most notably popular in Thailand, the drug is known for being severely addictive and 75% of addicted individuals that turned to treatment facilities went due to the drug specifically.  Like meth alone, the drug has been popular in its surged because of how easy it is to sell and make money with little effort. Thai drug dealers have also found their most profitable clients are actually children.

Thailand Yaba Abuse Among Children

Yaba is also known on the streets as Nazi speed. The drug is lethal but children may never guess at first glance with the bright and welcoming pill colors being yellow, pink, blue, and green, just to name a few.  Not to mention, the drugs have added flavors of grape, orange, vanilla, strawberry, and even chocolate.  “We found that Yaba makers are trying to change their product to meet the demands of targeted groups,” spoke a drug treatment professional Dr. Viroj Verachai.  “These flavors help the users take the drug more easily but it could severely affect their nervous systems.”

There seems to be a huge disturbing, underlying issue here with these efforts to reach children and get them hooked on highly addictive drugs with methamphetamine in them.  In order for these drug dealers to continue profiting from these more susceptible children, the drug has to be enticing and addictive enough to keep the customer coming back for more.  Yaba drug pills meet these requirements.  It’s a sick trade off that the main concern for dealers is profiting off the addiction that they are pushing onto the innocent lives of children.  They are creating an epidemic of physically addicted children who are causing likely irreversible damage to their brain’s nervous and reward circuitry systems.  “I would imagine with brain formation not being complete for a child there would possibly be different longer term consequences,” spoke Mike Miller, a counselor in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  He also proclaimed the belief that people pushing the drug “put profit before the future of children.”  An anonymous 17-year-old boy who claimed to be addicted to Yaba himself talked about his experience with the drug saying, “An ex school mate gave me the pill and explained how it can be taken.  I was falling back on my grades and I needed to do something about it.  I thought, ‘How bad could just one pill be?’ So I took it. It destroyed my life.”  The boy began to explain how the grapple of addiction took over his life.  His grades began to slip, friends stopped talking to him, and he began stealing to support his habit that obsessively consumed his mind.

Methamphetamine is an extremely hazardous substance by itself and mixed with caffeine, Yaba is warned as worse than heroin.  Dangers that can unfold as a result include psychosis, rage, disrupted sleep, and memory problems.  These outcomes don’t have to happen to children if they never get mixed up with Yaba drug pills in the first place.  The idea that Thai drug dealers are borderline lurking around schools and preying on children to get them hooked on becoming permanent Yaba customers of theirs is absolutely corrupt.  The Thai government is taking action, however.  In 2011, a recorded 31 tons of the drug was destroyed as reported by the UN Office in Drugs and Crime.  Although removing the drug is helpful, it doesn’t extinguish the true disturbing problem of getting children hooked on drugs.

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