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What To Expect In Drug Rehab

If you are going to be recovering from addiction in a treatment facility, knowing what to expect in drug rehab can be helpful.  There is an abundance of information you can prepare yourself with in advance, which can place you in a state of comfort and ease as you transition into long-term recovery.

What to Expect in Drug Rehab

So, are you anxious over what to expect in drug rehab?  Going into a rehab facility can mean making changes in your life and dealing with situations that you may have been avoiding or covering up with substances. Although each person’s experience varies in rehab, here are some of the more basic things that can be expected.

Different Personalities

There are going to be all types of different personalities at these centers, some of which may be stronger, bolder, or more timid than others.  Expect that you may get along with some better than others.  Remember to follow the code of respect and be tolerant of one another.  The main aspect to hold onto about treatment is that you are not there to make friends.  Your priority should be your recovery!

Lack Of Focus

Coming off substances, your mind and body are still getting adjusted.  You may have trouble focusing, staying on task, and sitting still.  Try to be patient with yourself.  Don’t be too hard on yourself for losing your train of thought easily.  Your thoughts should normalize and become clearer over time.  You didn’t become addicted in one day and you won’t recover as quickly either.

Overly Emotional

You may notice yourself growing emotional. You may find yourself happy and laughing with other patients one minute, but then crying the next.  This is normal, considering the fact that you are not abusing substances and finally allowing your body and mind to normalize.  It may feel strange to you at first, but remember that you are in a safe and contained environment while in a facility.  Be sure to talk about what you are feeling instead of veering off alone in isolation.  Reach out to others and communicate by taking advantage of being in a treatment facility with other recovering individuals and facilitators.

Underlying Mental Health Issues

Whether you see it or not, the use of substances have caused a disturbance in your life that have affected you beyond just a physical level and branched out to a mental and emotional one as well.  Speaking with professionals can help in tackling some of the underlying issues that may have lead to you picking up that first drink and/or drug, ultimately resulting in the cycle of addiction.  Working with professional staff can help dredge up important pieces of information from your past and help you gain knowledge of yourself to provide you both answers and forgiveness.

You Get Out What You Put In

The best experience that you can expect to have in drug rehab is the feeling of complete freedom from the obsession and craving to use or drink. This can happen at any point of your stay, provided that you are honest, willing, and open-minded about your addiction and your recovery. You will get out 100% of what you put in to your program. If you choose to only put in half measures, you will only get that and recovery may be difficult for you long-term. Staying clean and sober long-term is about action, so remember that the greatest experience you can have in rehab, is the ones you put 100% into.

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