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What to Do After a Drug Relapse

Experiencing a drug relapse after being clean for any period of time can be upsetting, worrisome, and troubling. Relapse doesn’t have to be a part of everybody’s recovery, but statistics listed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse indicate that up to 60% of individuals in recovery end up relapsing on alcohol and/or drugs. While there are ways to prevent a relapse from happening before it happens, it’s equally as important to educate yourself about what to do if the event does occur.

Be Honest with Yourself & Supports

After a relapse, it’s important to realize what a critical time you are in. Being honest is one of the most imperative steps to take because secrets truly can keep you sick. You may think that you are “fine” or that it was a one-time mistake, but this could very well be your disease beginning to take on its full effect in the form of denial, minimization, and secrecy. Telling yourself that you are okay when you are clearly not can lead to you thinking it is fine if you keep your relapse on drugs and/or alcohol from a trusted support. When you don’t get honest with sober supports and/or professionals, you put yourself at risk for another slip up – which may ultimately push you further and further into active addiction.

Relapse Doesn’t Need to Keep You from a Life of Recovery

It’s common for addicts to have “black and white” and “all or nothing” thinking. This is why if an addict relapses, they may be convinced that they’ve messed up, so they might as well keep messing up or think “what’s the point” after they have already made a mistake. These false ideations couldn’t be further from the truth. This is merely the disease of addiction being as cunning, baffling, and powerful as it can be. It’s critical to not feed into the lie that since you’ve slipped up, your recovery is finished and over with. This is completely incorrect. Whether an addict slips up once or gets thrown back into active addiction, there is always an opportunity to recover from addiction and live a life in recovery.

Get the Addiction Treatment You Need

It’s not just important but also necessary to consider returning to a trusted drug rehab. Even if you decide with a trusted support and/or addiction professional that you do not need to return to rehab, you should still get the support you need to prevent another relapse from happening again. This may look different for everybody. After a drug relapse, some addicts may want to return to a drug rehab to get the help they need while others place themselves into outpatient treatment, therapy, or support groups. The best action to take if you relapse is to work hard and prevent another relapse. The last thing you want is to be put back in the misery of active addiction. Find the help you need to live your best life in recovery.

The unfortunate reality of a relapse on alcohol and/or drugs is that it can happen – to anybody. An addict may not be aware they are in relapse mode until it is too late, but this is why it is critical for addicts to remain honest and keep up with their program of recovery.

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