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What Does It Take to Overcome Addiction?

overcome addictionAn addiction to alcohol and drugs can be difficult to deal with but you can overcome addiction. By receiving effective and reputable addiction treatment, you can start the process of recovery and beat your addiction with professional help and support. Recovery takes hard work, but it is possible for any addict who wants it.

Overcoming Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol

What does it really mean to overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol? The definition of “overcome” in the dictionary is to “succeed in dealing with,” and you can succeed in continually working on your recovery from addiction as well as find healthy ways of working through problems in place of turning to substances. While the process of a recovery from alcohol and drug addiction begins with ridding your body of the substances and receiving treatment for underlying issues causing you to seek out the substances, recovery is a continual process. An addict can go to a drug treatment facility, detox off the substances, and “feel fine” but there is continual work that needs to be done in order to maintain that sobriety because there is no “cure” for addiction. However, addiction is treatable with a medical detox and drug rehab followed by outpatient therapy, support groups, 12-Step Fellowships, and/or individual therapy sessions.

Understanding Recovery from Addiction

While addicts may wish the disease of addiction to just be gone, recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol doesn’t just “stop.” To overcome addiction, an addict must understand that they have a disease that needs regular treatment to keep, essentially, in remission of active addiction. Recovery can look different because some addicts may find that cognitive behavioral therapy and/or 12-Step Fellowships are effective in helping them maintain sobriety while others may need more intensive care, such as partial hospitalization programs and intensive outpatient therapy during the beginning of their recovery process. Either way, having an addiction treatment plan is vital to help keep an addict on track with their recovery and ultimately help them in overcoming addiction.

Overcoming addiction to drugs and alcohol isn’t easy. It takes hard work with an addict needing to be honest, open-minded, and willing in the work they do on themselves. This may mean changing attitudes, taking on a new perspective, or trying a healthier coping mechanism that hasn’t been tried by them before. By embarking on this journey of self, an addict becomes exposed to an entirely different, newfound life in recovery. There is no ceiling to this type of self-growth and an addict can always continually develop, which can ultimately help keep them sober and living the life they truly deserve to live.

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There is hope, and you can recover from any addiction.

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