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Victim Role: 10 Things You Need To Stop Doing Now

victim role quoteWe all have things happen in life and it’s sometimes unfair, but playing the victim role is just going to cause you more issues and pain. You need to stop playing the victim and start taking charge of your life so you help create a happier and healthier you.

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The Victim Role

Not sure how to stop? Here are some things you may be saying to yourself. Once you change your thoughts, your attitude will follow.

1. No one will ever love me, so I give up on love.

2. Nothing good can come out of my life.

3. Nobody can ever understand me, so offering explanations are never worth my time.

4. It’s impossible to conquer what I’ve been through.

5. Everybody is against me.

6. My life is so chaotic and there are always problems.

7. I can’t trust anyone in this world.

8. I am always going to be miserable no matter what.

9. There are ways to solve problems, but they won’t prove to be effective for me.

10. I’m all alone and incapable.

What can be done to get out of the victim role? Start saying positive affirmations and think positive thoughts about you , others, and life. Your attitude will change based on how you think and perceive the world.

Stop Playing The Victim Role

Recognize It

Recognizing how these thoughts imminent as playing the victim will teach self-awareness.  This becomes an essential factor for getting out of of self-pity.  A victim role will only keep you sick.  Feeling sorry for yourself  won’t help either. All negative thinking is good for is negative outcomes and depression.

Pull Yourself Out of It

A solution would be to reshape thought patterns.  The power of positive thinking isn’t just a myth!  When all thoughts are demeaning and negative, a lower and pitiful mood is set in the individual.  This makes it likely for the individual to attract negative people and situations as a result.

Remember that playing the victim isn’t the answer.  No one individual is so innately unique that bad events only occur to them.  Playing the victim role goes hand in hand with all or nothing thinking, which is a common theme in the disease of addiction.  Breaking this pattern of thinking can help an addict during their recovery process whereas continuing to think these types of thoughts can keep an individual sick.

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