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5 Simple Steps To Get Through The Valentine’s Day Blues

Happy-VDay_Texas-The-WatershedValentine’s Day is synonymous with chocolate boxes, jewelry, flowers, and romance. And for some people, this is a really big day for love.  In fact, according to The National Retail Federation who surveyed 6,417 consumers in January of 2014, 54% of people will spend just under $135.00 on Valentine’s Day gifts and dinner. For the other percent, the big V-Day may not be that fun or exciting, and in some cases, it can bring up a lot of painful memories and experiences. Especially for those who are in early recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism. So what does one do to cope and get through such an emotionally triggering holiday?

Valentine’s Day Blues

Dealing With An Emotionally Charged Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can bring up a lot of memories of pain, rejection, and even resentment for those who are struggling. And this can happen well before the big day. Just walking through stores and being exposed to Valentine’s advertising can start the process. So don’t be shocked if you are feeling a little funky in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day and aren’t sure why.

5 Tips To Fix The Valentine’s Day Blues

Awareness: be aware of how you feel and make sure that you talk about it with your sober supports.

Accept: accept for the moment that you may be emotional leading up to and on Valentine’s Day.

Forgive: forgive yourself for feeling the way you feel and allow yourself to feel those feelings.

Patience: be patient with the process and recognize it is ok to feel your feelings and it’s healthy to let it out.

Let go: let go of expectations of yourself and others. Allow yourself to simply be in the moment.


After you have followed these five simple suggestions, try to apply them to your morning and evening meditation. If you are not sure how, simply use this prayer:

Higher power, please grant me awareness to see the things I cannot see, the acceptance to accept what I am unable to accept, the forgiveness that I would grant someone I love, the patience that I so desperately need, and the mindfulness to let go of all the things I cannot control – including my negative thinking. Please do for me what I cannot do for myself. Thank you.

Although this may not completely get rid of all the sorrow that you may feel, it can certainly help lessen the pain. Remember that not every holiday is going to be like this, and that each year you stay sober the easier and happier you will become, provided you are willing to put in the work.

This Valentine’s Day we here at The Watershed want to let you know that we love you today and every day.  Happy Valentine’s Day.

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