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Best Valentine’s Date Ideas For 2017

Valentine's Date IdeasHolidays can be difficult for those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction for the first few years – especially ones like Valentine’s day. Maybe you are in a new relationship, not in one at all, or maybe you just don’t have the extra cash to blow? The great news is that you don’t need to be in a relationship or have a lot of money to enjoy these Valentine’s Date Ideas .

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Valentine’s Date Ideas

Valentine’s Themed Party

Invite over friends, significant other, or someone you are interested in for dinner and a movie (or get creative with crafts and board-games). What makes this even more fun is you can totally theme it out in red and pink for the big V-Day making it personal and special. If you and your friends are single, you can throw a super fun Valentine’s day party using any colors you want. You can use the traditional red/pink/white or you get super funky with some anti-valentine theme colors like blue/purple/black. This is a time for you to get creative and think of fun arts and crafts, food, and movie ideas to enjoy with your besties.

Picnic In Nature

You don’t have to over think to come up with some great Valentine’s day ideas, sometimes simple is better. Spending time in nature is a great way to spend Valentine’s day with someone special or your best friends. You can pack a sweet meal or BBQ, and bring some Valentine inspired deserts to celebrate. If you are going with friends, don’t forget to bring some outdoor activities like Frisbee or ball for extra entertainment. If you are celebrating with someone you love (or like a lot), don’t forget to bring a cute little teddy bear, some flowers, and a smile.

Fun & Different

What about something totally unaccepted like an arcade, mini golf, or kayaking. Think of local attractions that you have around you that you might not have thought about before. Find a local hot dog shack, play some mini-golf, and get a sweet desert at an ice cream shop after. This can be fun with your friends or with a partner. Enjoying the company of one another is what makes Valentine’s day really special.

Valentine’s Day Is About Sharing Love

Valentine’s Day is just another day to celebrate the love of yourself, your partner, and/or friends. Don’t think too much about what you can get, but rather what you can give. These Valentine’s date ideas are not about money, but about sharing yourself with others. There is a lot of truth behind “it’s the thought that counts.” Don’t stress over trying to buy the perfect gift, and put your focus onto how you can help create the best experience to those you love in your life.

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