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Treating Alcoholism with Medical Cannabis

How to treat alcoholism has been a great debate for many years, and now that medical cannabis has been gaining popularity, some are questioning if it could be used to treat alcoholism as well. For those who have recovered from alcoholism and are now living sober without the use of any mind altering substance, this thought actually just seems absurd – but is it?

Medical Cannabis

In one article provided by the Liberty Voice, the idea of medical cannabis being used to treat alcoholism was discussed. At first glance, you think that the writer is talking about curing alcoholism, but as you read on, you can clearly see that they are talking mainly about the detox phase. The most common myth about alcoholism is that detox is the same as treatment. Long-term medical cannabis use for a real alcoholic could actually have an adverse effect and cause a relapse back to drinking.

12-Step Recovery: Alcoholics Anonymous

In the rooms of the 12-step fellowship, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), those who smoke weed but do not drink are usually referred to as practicing the “marijuana maintenance program” by their peers.  Although AA as a whole has no opinion on outside matters, including the treatment of alcoholism with medical cannabis, members who have found a spiritual awakening and have used the 12-steps to recover found no need for medical cannabis. Once a person has detoxed from alcohol, they will be able to stay off booze long-term provided they are willing to work a simple program of recovery. Working a program of recovery does not need to include marijuana.  This has been proven by the millions of recovered members in AA alone.

Treating Alcoholism, Treating the Alcoholic

The simple fact is this: replacing one drug (alcohol) with another drug (medical cannabis) is not living a clean and sober life. There are always going to be debates on how we, as a society, should be treating alcoholism. However, most doctors and those who have recovered without replacing drugs, believe that complete abstinence is the best way to achieve long-term recovery.  If you have found that replacing alcohol with other drugs like marijuana or Xanax is not working for you, we can help you obtain life-long recovery too. Call now at 1-800-439-5959 to speak with someone who understands. There is a way out of addiction and you do not need to do it alone.


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