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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Goes To Drug Rehab

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is finally admitting he has a substance abuse problem and is seeking help at a drug rehab program.  Rob Ford’s behavior has always been a little off, but when Ford was seen smoking crack cocaine on video, it was hard to ignore the obvious drug problem he had.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Goes To Rehab

After some time denying substance abuse issues, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford released a statement last week admitting that he had a problem with drugs and alcohol and that he would be seeking help immediately. Ford was also seen flying on a private plane to the U.S.  There was no specification on where he was going or how long he would be in treatment.

Doug Ford, brother of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, and the city councilor/ manager of the mayor’s re-election campaign, told reporters in an emotional statement last Thursday that he had suggested the mayor take some time off.

“As an older brother, I’m relieved that Rob has faced his problems and has decided to seek professional help,” Doug Ford said. Doug Ford has defended his brother’s personal issues and substance abuse allegations for some time, but even he appears to think enough is enough and real help is needed.

Ron Ford’s behaviors and viral videos have shown blatantly what the disease of addiction can do to anyone, at any age and at any social standing. Although it is disturbing to witness, there are millions suffering from the same disease (disease of addiction) – they’re just not in the spotlight. If Rob Ford takes this opportunity to seriously recover, he will not only save his own life, but be the hope for all those still struggling with substance abuse issues.

Recovery For Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Instead of passing judgment on the Toronto Mayor Rob Ford we should be celebrating his decision to get help. Admitting to yourself and others that you have a problem with drugs and alcohol is difficult in itself, now try admitting it on a national level. We do not anticipate that Ford will attend a 30 day rehab program and come out perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction. Recovery is a journey and it will take time to heal. If Ford is serious about his recovery, he will put his health first before coming back and taking on his duties as the Mayor of Toronto again. The most important thing he can do for himself and his people is to get well and that may take some time.

Being a leading alcohol and drug rehab center, we have seen great success in treatment, but we do know that relapse is a possibility. We know that those who continued their recovery well past treatment by attending an outpatient program have a greater chance at staying clean and sober long-term. Addicts and alcoholics did not become addicted overnight; it would be unrealistic to think they could recover that quickly too. We wish the mayor the best of luck and hope that others who may be suffering from a substance abuse problem get help as well. You deserve recovery too!

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