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Why Haven’t The Promises Come True For Me?

the-promises_the-watershed-texasThe promises of AA are pretty awesome and are in the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous at step 9. For some, those promises come pouring in, and for others they seem to either take their time or not come at all. Many of you may be questioning why the promises haven’t come true for you, yet. Here are some simple explanations that may help calm your anxiety over it.

Will The Promises Really Come True?

Yes, without a doubt, they will come true, but there is a catch. Like anything in life that is worth having and keeping, it has to be worked for. Work can mean many things. It can be physical, emotional, or spiritual, and if you are working the steps of AA, it will require all three. Here are some suggestions to help you experience the promises for yourself.

  1. Do you fully understand the promises and what they mean? If not, you may want to speak to your sponsor or a member of AA who is knowledgeable about the steps to find out. For example: “Fear of people and of economic insecurity will leave us,” does not mean that people change or that you do not have any financial issues. It means your attitude about them will change. Your fear will be replaced with faith and a sense of well-being regardless of people, or your bank account. Now, it is also important to remember that there will be times where fear creeps in, but that is why practicing these steps, going to meetings, working with a sponsor, and having support is so very important. It helps keep us grounded whether we are in uncertain times or having the best time of our lives.
  2. These promises will come if you take action in the steps, but they don’t always come on your terms. It will come exactly at the moment you are meant to have them. It is sometimes hard to believe when you have no experience that shows that, but others do, so when in doubt and feeling lost, reach out to those in the program that have been through this and can share how these promises came true for them. When we connect with others during this journey in recovery it also helps keep our faith when we feel lost or confused. This also can happen at any time in our recovery, so whether you have a 30 days or 30 years, it is okay to question whether the promises will either come true or come true again. Time takes time, so make sure you give your journey┬áin recovery that.
  3. Try helping others. It can be a great distraction from your fears and worries. The act of helping another human being will enable you to focus on our purpose of being of service to another alcoholic (or just another human being). It is in that distraction that many find answers to questions they were looking for, but didn’t know where to find it. Sometimes our direction in life is given to us through people and experiences that we never knew even there had we not reached out a helping hand to another. So go be of service, and allow the promises to unfold naturally in your life.

Good Things Are Coming

The best thing that you can do right now is stop trying to control everything, fix it all, and worry endlessly. It does nothing for you, your situation, or anyone else. Try prayer/meditation, reaching out to supports, action in your steps, and helping others. You will be amazed at how the promises really work when you stop trying to focus on how they will work for you.

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