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The New Face of Heroin Addiction: Part 1

faces of heroin part1The new face of heroin addiction is a topic that has been central to a lot of debates lately.  According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), opioids accounted for more than 40% of drug involved deaths in just 2008 alone .  Taking a closer look at heroin specifically, the people dying from abusing the drug don’t fit the stereotype of the traditional heroin addict. The fact of the matter is that heroin addiction has become a widespread public health crisis and could happen to anybody, including your own son or daughter.

The New Face of Heroin

Breaking  the Stigma of  the Stereotypical Addict

There used to be a cookie cutter image of what a heroin addict looked like, as if there was an accurate depiction of what a person suffering from the disease of addiction should look like.  The reality is there’s no standard appearance for how an addict must look to qualify them as an addict.  The same goes for when it comes to being considered a heroin addict.  Because there is such a stigma surrounding the disease of addiction, society has the tendency to believe the misconception that heroin addicts must appear dirty, ragged, live on the streets, and be a morally bad person.  This is completely false, not just for heroin addiction, but for addiction in its entirety.  Breaking this stigma will actually help save lives and could change the world.

Crossing over from pill to heroin addiction

The new face of heroin shows that the disease of addiction doesn’t discriminate.  Heroin addiction is found to manifest in a nontraditional sense.  In other words, it is now being discovered that heroin addicts are becoming addicted to the drug unsuspectingly, inadvertently, and at times, unwillingly.  “Unfortunately our country is being flooded with a tsunami of heavily addicted narcotic pain medication and this tsunami is not going back into the ocean,” explained addiction specialist Seth Jaffe on the Dr. Oz Show, where the topic was the new face of heroin addiction.  “This country needs an intervention.  [People] end up taking highly addictive opioids gradually getting to heroin … the drugs, once you take them for a certain amount of time, you build a tolerance … you need more … you are addicted.”  Heroin addicts get hooked on prescription pain medication first, later resorting to heroin as the more affordable alternative.

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