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Many People Taking Antidepressant Drugs Don’t Need It

Despite an increase in the prescription of antidepressant drugs, a new study has revealed that most people on these kinds of medications don’t actually suffer from any type of mental disorder. In four studies conducted from 1981 to 2005 at the Baltimore Epidemiologic Catchment Area, individuals who claimed to be suffering from mood and anxiety disorders were treated with antidepressant drugs and then studied for their behaviors.

The Facts About Antidepressant Drugs

According to The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry , the study showed that out of 1,071 people, 13% had reported taking antidepressant drugs. “Among antidepressant users, 69% never met criteria for major depressive disorder (MDD),” stated the researchers. “And 38% never met criteria for MDD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, social phobia, or generalized anxiety disorder in their lifetime.”

Based on this statistic, suffering individuals are apparently being handed prescriptions a little too easily when they should probably be trying other drug-free treatment methods first.

Alternatives to Medication

Besides just placing people on medication, an alternative approach would be to treat people who are dealing with symptoms of depression or anxiety with behavioral and talk therapies.  This can prove to be an effective method for alleviating symptoms for individuals so they can better cope with distressing feelings.  These healthier therapy techniques can provide more comfort and ease for individuals.  However, Dr. Howard Forman, a director for the medical field of the Addiction Consultation Service at Montefiore Medical Center, expressed, “I think while psychotherapy is another option to helping people obtain better mental health, there are roadblocks.”

Other Means of Abuse

People aren’t only found to be using antidepressant drugs for disorders they don’t actually have; they’re also found to be on stimulants and anxiety medications they don’t need.  Forman elaborated on the dangers of these potent and high risk drugs, saying, “I think that any medications that are taken without the oversight of a physician, especially drugs with abuse potential, such as Xanax, are very concerning for the development of dependence.”

The reality is some people who are mentally ill do require medication.  This is up to medical professionals to prescribe and monitor.  An individual shouldn’t be controlling or experimenting with antidepressant drugs on their own.  It’s a shame when professionals abuse their license and authority by prescribing medication to individuals who don’t need it. This is why it’s equally as important for the patient to learn about prescription drug abuse and aware of the symptoms so that they can avoid a future drug addiction problem.

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