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New Study Shows One Time Binge Drinking Can Harm The Body

A new research study conducted by Gyongyi Szabo, M.D., Ph.D., Professor and Vice Chair of Medicine and Associate Dean for Clinical and Transnational Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, takes a look at the effects of binge drinking after just one night.

Effects Of Binge Drinking

According to the report, one night of binge drinking actually has the ability to cause the body some real harm. Binge drinking is basically consuming large quantities of alcohol in a short period of time. An estimated 4 alcoholic beverages for women, and 5 for men in a 2 hour span constitutes binge drinking.

What people may not be aware of are the affects that just one night of binge drinking can cause. One night of binging can actually lead to bacteria leaking from the stomach, which increases toxins in the blood stream. Binge drinking can also lead to a weakened immune system, which can make the drinker susceptible to viruses and disease, and can also lead to alcohol poisoning which may result in death.

Binge drinking can either be a one-time affair or re-occur over several years. In addition to the above issues, short term binge drinking can cause blackouts which can lead to car accidents, poor decisions, and risky behaviors. Long-term binge drinking can not only lead to blackouts and other issues, but can cause organ damage, and even alcoholism.

14 women and 11 men between the ages of 21-56 years old, who are in good health, were studied. Each consumed enough alcoholic beverages to get their BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) to 0.08 g/dl within an hour. Samples of their blood were then taken every 30 minutes for 4 hours, then once again after 24 hours. The test results showed that after one night of binge drinking by normal, healthy people, there was an increase in endotoxin levels in the blood stream and confirmation of bacterial permeation found in the stomach. Additionally, the toxin levels were found higher in the women than in the men.

As a result of these studies, it suggests that even one night of binge drinking is more dangerous than what was previously believed.  In addition, these subjects were healthy people who do not usually engage in binge drinking behaviors. So whether you are a one time, once in a while, or an all-the time binge drinker, you may want to reconsider how you consume your alcoholic beverages.

The Dangers Of Binge Drinking

If you find that you have been unsuccessful at controlling your binge drinking, you may have a problem with alcohol. Not all people who abuse alcohol are alcoholics, but if you continue to abuse alcohol, you may find yourself crossing that invisible line. Contact us today for more information on how you can help prevent a long-term alcohol problem.

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