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5 Surprising Ways Addiction Manifests Itself


The disease of addiction isn’t limited to drugs and alcohol. In fact, some addicts may find that when they get sober, they pick up a new vice. The reality is that there are many types of addictions, but not everybody struggles with all of them and some people don’t even have a problem at all. Nevertheless, these addictions could still happen to anybody because the nature of addiction is that not everybody suffers from addiction, but it could happen to anybody regardless of their age, race, gender, or societal status.

Types of Addictions

Learning about the different types of addictions that exist can help raise awareness as well as play a critical role in prevention and treatment.

1. Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

When most people think of an addiction, they probably think of alcoholism and drug addiction. Both classified as diseases, alcoholism and drug addiction can be debilitating, and even lead to death. The reality of an alcohol and drug addiction, though, is that consequences like these are typically not enough to deter an addict. Individuals suffering from an addiction to alcohol and drugs need treatment, which can include a medical detox and inpatient rehab stay.

2. Tobacco Addiction and Nicotine Addiction

One of the most widely abused and deadly substances can be found in cigarettes. Tobacco kills more people each year than any other substance. What’s worse? Smoking cigarettes is legal for those above the age of 18. Tobacco addiction is real. While most people know the negative consequences of smoking cigarettes today, it doesn’t deter them from trying or returning to the habit. Not only is the tobacco in cigarettes addictive, but the nicotine is as well.

3. Caffeine Addiction

Another addiction that many people overlook is caffeine addiction. The reality is that caffeine is a stimulant. It’s not only found in coffee, but it’s also in tea, ice cream, chocolate, and some granola bars. Some regular coffee drinkers and caffeine addicts suffer from headaches, moodiness, and fatigue when they go without the substance. While some claim caffeine is harmless, others say too much isn’t good, so it’s best to keep caffeine intake to a minimum.

4. Impulse Control Disorders

Beyond alcohol and drug addiction, there are various other forms of addiction, including gambling addiction, compulsive aggression, and kleptomania, otherwise known as compulsive stealing. Some may argue that these aren’t “true” addictions, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. These types of addictions involve an uncontrollable urge to continue on with the behavior in spite of negative consequences, such as financial problems, legal trouble, and relationship problems – much like alcohol and drug addictions.

5. Behavioral Addictions

There are many other behavioral addictions, including love addiction, pornography addiction, sex addiction, video gaming addiction, exercise addiction, shopping addiction, and cutting. For some people, these behaviors produce a “reward” effect in the brain (similar to what alcohol and drugs do to those suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction), which ultimately pushes them to continue and keeps them stuck in the cycle of addiction.

The truth is that there are many different types of addictions and a variety of ways that the disease of addiction can manifest itself. This is why it is critical for recovering addicts to keep themselves in check by being accountable. Just as it is not effective to replace one substance for another, it isn’t advised to replace one habit for another either. But when it comes to the disease of addiction to drugs and alcohol, first things come first. Recovering from an addiction to drugs and alcohol should be first and foremost, but if another habit should crop up, it is important to address it as well.

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