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Stress Management Techniques to Stop Stress Addiction

We have all been guilty of indulging in some self-pity when distressed, but with stress management techniques, we can moderate our behavior and reduce these overwhelming feelings.  Stress management techniques work as tools to help us cope with the chaos that we both intentionally and unintentionally direct into our lives.  Being addicted to stress is entirely possible, and there’s no doubt it will show in early recovery from alcohol and/or drugs.  Being addicted to substances, we become comfortable in the constant ups and downs that spiral our lives out of control.  We seek chaos because we have grown accustomed to difficult situations and frustrating experiences so much that we even go looking for them – it’s comfortable.  If we take a look at some stress management techniques, we can teach ourselves how to better manage our lives and learn that we deserve to be free of bothersome stressors that prevent us from being our authentic selves.

Stress Management Techniques

Understanding and Awareness 
In all stress management techniques, first comes the necessity to understand that nothing in life will ever completely flow smoothly.  Coming to the realization that perfection of anything is unachievable will help us stop striving for the impossibility itself.  We can then better focus on what is more realistic: progression.  Little by little, we can realize our impatience, frustration, and irritation over situations, and make the effort to not get so worked up over them.  Stress management techniques will provide the assistance for us to not desire to have an instant cookie-cutter perfect life, but instead gradually have a less stressed view of our life.

Stop comparing
A huge reason you keep adding stress to your life could be due to comparing yourself to others.  Whether it’s about another person having a significant other, more appealing physical attributes, or even a higher-paying job than you, let it go.  Learn to be grateful for what you do have and love it because it’s all yours!  This is important as part of stress management techniques because looking at what someone else has will only rob you of your own successes.

Let it go
Stress usually tends to come along with another nuisance: anxiety.  Most people use their feelings of anxiety as the ideal excuse to be stressed out.  Anxiety can come from crunched time on a specific project at work, an overload of tasks that need to get done at certain times, or even an abundance of issues with the people in your life.  The best stress management techniques for this would be to calm yourself down and let it go.  Nothing you can do will make these fundamentals get done any quicker, or make all issues with people in your life go away.  Worrying will not solve anything; at best, these issues can be handled over time.  Another thing to remember about any situation, especially when it comes to projects and tasks, is that in the scheme of things, it’s probably not of the utmost importance in your life, and if you keep worrying or stressing over these little things, you will be missing out on the experience of living in the moment where you should be enjoying your life, even during times that seem mundane.

These are just the basic stress management techniques to aid you in preventing the desire to welcome stressors in your life.  It is true that you can’t have a rainbow without the rain, but that doesn’t mean it always has to be thundering.  As addicts, we tend to love tough situations because it may be what we are used to, but we have to remember that we deserve some peace and functionality in our lives.  So give yourself a break!

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