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Step 10 AA: What Is the 10th Step?

There are plenty of 12 Step Fellowship Programs available for those struggling with a problem like an addiction to alcohol, including Alcoholics Anonymous. When you go to meetings, you may come to find there are “steps” to take with a sponsor, but what exactly does this mean? The steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are part of a free recovery program for those struggling with alcohol. Each step has its purpose, including Step 10.

AA 10th Step

Step 10 of Alcoholics Anonymous reads:

“Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.”

But what exactly does taking a “personal inventory” mean and who are we “promptly” admitting it to? In Alcoholics Anonymous, the steps are worked with a sponsor, also known as a recovering alcoholic who has completed the 12 Steps of AA. A sponsor will work with you on each step and guide you during your recovery. But how can Step 10 best be explained?

Understanding Step 10

In Alcoholics Anonymous, Step 10 brings the question, “Can we stay sober, keep in emotional balance, and live to good purpose under all conditions?” It’s a great question for the recovering alcoholic. It is clearly explained that a necessity for an alcoholic to stay sober involves being introspective and self-aware of their behaviors, patterns, and responses. The reality is that alcoholism is a disease that impacts the alcoholic physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Keeping in check is critical because it is a way to prevent negative behaviors from returning and progressing. Step 10 of AA touches on the “emotional hangover” of yesterday’s woes, troubles, and unpleasant emotions. An evaluation may be due, especially for the alcoholic who is quick to obsess and hold on to what needs to be let go of. In order to move forward and live healthily without holding onto resentments, fear, and anxiety, a recovering alcoholic must address these experiences and “correct what is wrong.”

How 12-Step Fellowships Can Help Alcoholics & Addicts

Alcoholics Anonymous and similar 12 Step Fellowships can be an effective way for people to recover from alcoholism and addiction. Through the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous or a similar 12 Step Fellowship, an alcoholic and addict can begin to live a new way of life where they no longer feel trapped in the cycle of turning to substances as a way to deal with problems or unwanted emotions. A 12 Step Fellowship can be a great way for an alcoholic or addict to be surrounded by like-minded people and discover who they are without the drink or drugs.

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