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Staying Sober Over the Holidays

Staying-Sober-Over-the-Holidays_texasStaying sober during the holidays can sound strenuous.  When you consider complications of interacting with loved ones you may not ordinarily see, it can bring up some emotions you may not be prepared for.  Another aspect of the holiday blues is that you might not be able to see certain people, causing you to feel distanced not only physically, but emotionally.  By making sure you adhere to keeping up with proper maintenance in your program of recovery, you can avoid slipping into old ways of thinking that put you on the path to self-pity and set you up for instability in the long run.

Tips for Staying Sober

If you plan on spending the holidays with loved ones and others that don’t intend on staying sober for the occasion, it may be triggering, especially during early recovery.  Being aware of this beforehand can help you be conscious of when uncomfortable feelings may arise. Being aware can help you reach out to your sober supports if you find yourself in a predicament.  You may even want to reconsider spending the holiday with your loved ones if you know they will all be drinking and that you will be uneasy around them, or at least think about limiting the amount of time you will be with them.  If this is not an option, you may want to be open and honest about your addiction with your loved ones by addressing the concerns you have about them drinking in front of you in a polite manner.  Before taking any action, you should check with your sober supports  and get their suggestions or experiences about your situation.

If you do spend time with your loved ones this holiday season, then be cautious to pause during the times you notice bouts of impatience, frustration, or irritability arising to avoid conflict from spurring, especially because the holidays are supposed to be centered on enjoying the time spent with one another – not arguing over any redundant matter.  Remember that staying sober goes beyond drinking and drugging.  Staying sober is about how you act and respond during the circumstances you are placed in.  In times of annoyance, be sure to remain vigilant by keeping yourself in check and practicing the principle behind holding restraint of pen and tongue.  Considering not every word you think needs to be shared can save you a world of trouble later on.

With the holidays here, routines may deviate from typical structure but not all positive daily habits have to.  If you wake up doing certain meditations, speaking to specific sober supports, or following spiritual practices, don’t stop because the holidays have arrived.  Staying sober is a regular practice and your recovery doesn’t get a vacation due to the holidays having approached.  By maintaining aspects of your routine even during hectic travels, visiting loved ones, and holiday shopping, you will see how vital it is that you keep up with an adequate amount of nurturing in your program of recovery.  Your overall well-being is virtually dependent upon it.  It comes down to you being only as spiritually fit as the amount of work and effort you put into your sobriety.  If you aren’t putting in much effort or slack off during the holidays, then staying sober winds up taking the back burner in your life and you put your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being at risk.

Staying sober may be described as hard work but that’s because there’s a great deal to keep in mind so that you can ensure stability and order in your life.  Maintaining your program of recovery is important all 365 days throughout the year, especially during holidays where you may experience moments of stress and be thrown into an emotional state that drives your mind to those well-known insane thoughts.  Even with the holidays here, staying sober should not fall short of your priorities because, as it has been said, anything you put before your recovery, you will end up losing anyway.

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