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St Patrick’s Day Drinking: Why Is Alcohol So Popular on the Holiday?

st patricks day drinkingDrinking and St Patrick’s Day almost go hand in hand. Have you ever noticed just how much alcohol people tend to drink on the holiday? In fact, St Patrick’s Day is known as one of the biggest days for drinkers. For years, St Patrick’s Day has ranked among the top three of all holidays where the most drinking occurs. What is it about St Patrick’s Day that makes people want to drink more than usual and what can you do to protect yourself when you’re early in recovery from alcoholism and/or drug addiction?

Why Is St Patrick’s Day Drinking Popular?

One main reason people tend to drink more alcohol on holidays like St Patrick’s Day is because they think they are supposed to. It is a big celebration, right? Many people associate alcohol and celebrations together, which can be dangerous for those who suffer from alcohol use disorder. Although the reality is that you don’t have to drink alcohol in order to celebrate special occasions, many people feel that holidays are an excuse or reason to drink in excess. The reality is that binge drinking and engaging in unhealthy drinking practices can pose more of a risk than people want to believe.

Dangers of Binge Drinking on St Patrick’s Day

Binge drinking can lead to a number of health concerns, such as high blood pressure, heart problems, stomach inflammation, seizures, and even death. Holidays like St Patrick’s Day result in more hospital visits and alcohol-related incidents than any other regular days throughout the year. In addition to the health problems that can occur as a result of binge drinking, other risks include issues with cognitive and behavioral functions, depression, blacking out, and developing unhealthy drinking patterns which can result in alcoholism.

Nobody wants to develop an alcohol abuse problem or suffer from the disease of alcoholism, but it can and does happen. Using holidays like St Patrick’s Day as an excuse to consume drink after drink can cause more harm than anything else, which is why it is critical to keep the negative consequences in mind. Consequences are hardly enough to deter an alcoholic from drinking, though, which is why it is important to come up with a plan to combat triggering feelings and alcohol cravings, especially on holidays like St Patrick’s Day which tend to be thought of as big drinking days.

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