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Top Trending Sobriety App Downloads

sobriety appOver the past decade, smartphones have become integrated into nearly every aspect of our day-to-day lives. Now, emerging technology trends suggest that apps and other innovative programs can do more than simply help you stay in touch, play games or check your work email. When used in conjunction with professional addiction treatment, they can also serve as valuable tools for managing your recovery.

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Sobriety App

There’s an app for that

Recently, U.S. News & World Report rounded up several recovery apps that may be helpful for those in recovery, and most are available for affordable rates and some are even free.

One app mentioned is the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book app, available for free in iTunes. It includes a digital version of The Big Book, podcasts, speaker tapes, a Meeting Finder, and a place to jot down notes. You can also keep track of your sobriety with CleanTime Counter by calculating the time that has elapsed since a starting date, an excellent way to remind yourself how long you’ve been working on your journey.

If you’re looking for motivation and inspiration, Afternoon Affirmations might be worth checking out. This app sends users inspirational quotes, photos or videos every day at 1 p.m., providing a little bit of daily positivity. An abundance of mindfulness and meditation apps like Headspace are also available for a range of mobile devices.

But of course a note of caution: As with any app you download, especially if it’s an app that connects people, be sure you take precautions when it comes to meeting up with others. Always talk with your sober supports, sponsor, or recovery staff about it.

Virtual reality treatment 

The realm of technology-based support is quickly expanding beyond apps. Other therapies currently in development could soon prove beneficial in several aspects of addiction treatment. One such example is virtual reality treatment, which simulates real-life scenarios to help patients learn how to cope with challenging situations that could potentially lead to relapse.

When a patient’s senses are stimulated during a virtual reality treatment, the brain is able to create a different response to a situation that had, in the past, led to using drugs or alcohol. By “testing out” the scenario repeatedly, there is a possibility that users might be able to disconnect the brain’s link between certain situational stimuli and a substance-abuse response.

Asking for help is the first step

Although sobriety app downloads and other technology-based programs can be helpful, they do not replace the expertise of trained medical experts and should only be used in conjunction with a qualified rehabilitation program. If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction, our professionals at The Watershed are here to help you with a personalized, one-on-one approach. Call us today at 1-800-439-5959 for information on how you can get started.

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