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Living A Sober Life Beyond Just Abstaining from Alcohol and Drugs

Living sober is more than just abstaining from alcohol and drugs – it is about the way you choose to live your sober life, free from obsessing over using!  When addicts and alcoholics are out there drinking and drugging, they may lack a sense of clarity.  It’s almost as if the world is in their hands and everything is there for the taking.  They may, in some cases, become selfish, dishonest, self-seeking, and frightened.  By working on self and living sober, they are able to strengthen their character and become productive members of society.  Removing the alcohol and drugs from their lives is a necessary trade-in for a sober life, but once those substances are gone, they are left with themselves and this is where the change must occur.

Living A Sober Life with Honesty, Open-Mindedness, and Willingness

Honesty is an absolutely essential part of your sober life.  There should come a time in your recovery when you realize for yourself that any dishonest words or actions hurt both others around you, as well as yourself.  By lying, deceiving, manipulating, and scheming, you gnaw at the potential you could contribute to this world by being your authentic self.  Even when you have done wrong, making it right is reflected in your own honesty.

When living sober, you have to have open-mindedness because when you get narrowed views and one-sided thinking, your character defects shine right through you.  You can slip all too quickly back to your old, selfish ways.  This is why it is important for you to reach out to others – because addicts and alcoholics alike can relate, since they have been through the struggle of obsession and found a new, sober life.

Above all, you have to be, and remain, willing.  If you aren’t willing to change, then how could you ever be expected to change?  Willingness should remain in you when you are living sober, because you have to be willing to continue to grow and take suggestions.  You won’t have all the answers and you will encounter new struggles, so you have to have the willingness to stay strong in difficult times as well.

Living sober does not mean that you have to be somebody that you aren’t.  You get to live out the sober life you were meant to, before obeying your sick disease’s desires of picking up that next drink or drug.  Wonderful promises will find their way into your life from being there for support for another addict or alcoholic, to being able to go back to school or keep a job, to understanding what meaningful relationships with family and friends is like.  The gift of living sober is truly refreshing, especially because with a sober life, you no longer have to live in fear and can just be.  You will begin to stay in the moment and enjoy your sober life in the present.

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