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New Law In Britain To Help Stop People From Smoking Cigarettes

Over 50 years ago, it was discovered that lung cancer was linked to smoking cigarettes, and yet legally anyone 18 years of age or older remains eligible today to buy cigarettes.  In 2014, over 42 million people were reported as addicted to smoking cigarettes.  However, because health issues arise – not just for the smoker, but to all affected by second-hand smoke as well – it has been estimated that there exists the potential for one billion deaths in this century.  Being called the most addictive drug for today’s society, cigarettes are finally something Britain has chosen to address.

Teens Smoking Cigarettes: Britain’s New Prevention Law

Britain has seen that smoking cigarettes is a worsening issue of today’s time, and has moved forward with processing a law that will ban all people born after the year 2000 from the ability to buy cigarettes.  Doctors and scientists have claimed that most smokers began smoking cigarettes at a younger age than the legal age for purchasing cigarettes, which is 18.  This is why Britain’s law would address the children that were born after 2000, since they would be, by today’s date, 14 years young.  It is claimed that this is the typical age where peer pressure and experimentation with smoking cigarettes – and even taking illegal substances – usually begins.

The concept behind making it illegal for anyone born after 2000 to purchase cigarettes, is to decrease the availability of cigarettes, in the hopes that smoking cigarettes would die out in the generations to come, resulting in less smoking-related health concerns and death.  Of course, many people are expressing that just because it will be illegal, it does not guarantee that there won’t be a way around the system when it comes to obtaining cigarettes, comparing it to how people still make, take, and sell drugs, when that is already against the law.  Despite this argument, making a law that takes action regarding the issue of people becoming addicted to smoking cigarettes is a huge step, and there is still the possibility that the amount of smokers will decrease over time.

Truth Behind The Addiction Of Smoking Cigarettes

A study shows that two-thirds of the smoking population would like to quit smoking and 90% regret smoking cigarettes in the first place.  Smoking cigarettes is an addictive habit – and more prevalent than it was half a century ago.  Would you believe that manufacturers add flavors to get people to buy cigarettes?  It’s true!  When a person is smoking cigarettes, they can be inhaling the added sweetness of tastes like chocolate and liquorice.  There is usually even a hidden coat of sugar on the outside that enhances the addictive qualities of the nicotine. Smoking cigarettes can feel gentler on your lungs than in previous years, because there are now holes in the filters of the cigarettes, which makes it easier to smoke them!  Commercial brands like Marlboro, Newport, and Camel are trying to find more ways like these that will attract the youngest age group as their new-found target to get instantly hooked when first smoking, and these brands have done so in the most conniving and manipulative ways.

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