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Signs of Overdose in Parks and Recreation’s Harris Wittels Death

Harris Wittels deathThere were signs of overdose after Harris Wittels, an executive producer of hit television show “Parks & Recreation” was found deceased in his home.

Uncovering Harris Wittels Death

Harris Wittels was found lying on his couch in his home and later pronounced deceased, as initially reported by TMZ.  Wittels was just 30 years old.  As far as signs of overdose playing a role in his death, drug paraphernalia was discovered in his home, and there appeared to be no foul play or signs of a struggle on his body.  Wittels was known for publicly voicing his struggles with drug addiction, but he had just spoken earlier that day about how he was clean, sober, and “in a good place”.  In fact, Harry Wittels was producing and writing work for “Eastbound and Down” and “The Sarah Silverman Program.”

Addiction does not discriminate

However, the fact should not go ignored that substance abuse disorders like addiction are nondiscriminatory, and even when a person is successful in a particular area in their life, it doesn’t make them immune to the disease of addiction.  Addiction and substance abuse disorders can happen to anyone, even when they are highly successful and appear to have it all together.  This is one disease that disregards social, economic, financial, ethnic, racial, and background of the person.  The only concern that addiction has is that it wants the individual to suffer until their demise.

Celebrities speak out on social media

With the little information still known, close celebrity friends took to social media to share their perception of the dedicated man and express kind condolences for the death of Harris Wittels.

Sarah Silverman took to Twitter and spoke, “He was my baby. I just keep thinking of Superman flying backwards around the world. I wish I could do that. I’m so mad at you Harris.” She later additionally posted on her account, “He was honest even if it was gonna piss u off. He told the truth.  Even when it was ugly. Even when he lied.”

Amy Poehler, well-known personality, producer, actress, and comedian attended a charity event in the days following Wittels’ death, but was left speechless.  She only had to say, “Today I lost a dear, young friend in my life who was struggling with addiction, so, I don’t really feel like telling any jokes.”

Billy Eichner, a comedian, writer, and actor as part of the cast on “Parks and Recreation,” chimed in that Wittels was a “fantastic writer I had the pleasure to work with at Parks and Rec. So so sad. RIP Harris.”

As for now, there is no official confirmation about the cause of death.  A toxicology report is still pending, and until further details are revealed, Harris Wittels’ death is still under investigation and presumed to be the result of drug overdose.

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