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Signs Of Addiction: Drug Addiction Treatment

Using drugs and alcohol can lead to an addiction if abused long enough, but what are the signs of addiction that you should be looking out for? Understanding the signs of addiction and what it looks like can help you, or your loved one, from preventing a future problem or treating an existing one.

The disease of addiction is a progressive chronic brain disease that involves social, physical, mental, and emotional manifestations. If the disease of addiction is not treated as a disease, but rather as a moral dilemma, a relapse may occur. So what are the signs that someone may have a drug addiction problem and how can you help?

Symptoms & Signs Of Addiction

Fatigue or always tired

Irregular sleep patterns

Feels like they are always hiding something

Mood swings

Change in weight (either gain or loss)

Change in friends or social engagements

Lack of interest in things they once loved

Always sick

Irritable or quick to anger

In denial of behaviors or blames others

Money or possessions have gone missing

Overall change in appearance

Pulling away from family and loved ones

Some questions you may want to ask yourself about the addict:

Is there a family history of addiction?

Has there been any abuse, neglect, or trauma?

Are there any other underlying mental disorders, like depression, anxiety, or other mood-altering behaviors?

If you have answered yes to any of the following questions, you may want to speak to someone today about helping your loved one into treatment. The addict may already be in denial about their addiction, but you don’t have to be. If you suspect your loved one is abusing drugs, do not ignore it any longer. Addiction is very serious and this could be the difference between life and death.

Drug Addiction Help

Drug addiction has a tendency of swallowing up the addict and those around them, causing everyone to not only suffer the consequences, but also become sickened as well. If you suspect that someone you love has a drug addiction problem, it’s time to get them help now. Recovery is possible, but the addict must have the opportunity to be treated properly if they are to truly recover. Waiting for them to just stop one day may actually kill them. Do not suffer alone anymore, call for help today: 1-800-439-5959.

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