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Shocking Overdose Video: 2-Year-Old Watches Mom Overdose

Lawrence, Massachusetts Police released a shocking overdose video of a 2-year-old crying while pulling on her mom’s limp body after a drug overdose.

2-Year-Old Watches Mom Overdose Video

Warning: Viewer Discretion is Advised


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Heroin or fentanyl was found in the mother’s purse. The mother has since recovered after receiving two doses of Narcan. She was then transported to the hospital and is now facing charges of child endangerment. As of now, 10% of drug overdoses that are responded to in Lawrence involve children.

“It’s heartbreaking. This is definitely evidence that shows what addiction can do to someone and what happens when they use these types of narcotics,” Lawrence Police Chief James Fitzpatrick said.

This video is clearly bringing into the light that we really do have a crisis on our hands and the public honestly doesn’t know what to do about it. The person filming stated that they called 911, but did not try to help the mother or the child as they filmed the overdose video. This in itself shows an even bigger problem our nation is facing. We need to take the disease of addiction more seriously and start helping those struggling so that videos like this do not need to even happen in the first place.

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