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Selfie Addiction: The Obsession Behind The Smartphone

Selfie addictionSelfies have always been around; it just now has a name. A selfie is basically the taking of a picture of oneself. But now, therapists are showing concern when it comes mental health issues related to selfie addiction. Recently, the proliferation of “selfies” has been not only linked to narcissism, but also mental health disorders.

Selfie Addiction

“Two out of three of all the patients who come to see me with Body Dysmorphic Disorder since the rise of camera phones, have a compulsion to repeatedly take selfies,” stated Dr. David Veal, a Cognitive Behavior Psychiatrist located in London. This means that someone who takes too many selfies may not be suffering from a large ego, but rather low self-esteem, and a real selfie addiction. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is used to treat patients by helping them recognize the reasons for their compulsive behaviors and using tools to help manage these impulses.

Not all selfies are bad, but when someone who suffers from a mental health disorder that is associated with the way they perceive their body and image becomes a selfie addict, it could prove dangerous. We are seeing more and more selfies go wrong from those who cut themselves, those who have eating disorders, and those who are suffering from depression and low self-esteem. The frightening part about it all, is that these selfies are right at your fingertips and can all be connected by only a few hashtags. All this does is encourage the selfie addict to post more destructive selfies, because who would want to stop after all the attention they are getting?

It’s human nature to want to be liked and to enjoy getting some attention, but if it becomes a desperate need to have the approval of your peers, then you may be suffering from a mental health problem that won’t go away with just one more click of a selfie. Those who seek constant approval from social media outlets will never be fully happy if they do not work on being happy from the inside, out. With the advancement of technology and the social media world, we are sure to see more self-esteem and mental health issues pop up as result.

Selfie Addiction Recovery

For those who suffer from a mental health disorder or a selfie addiction, taking more  selfies can be a trigger for self-indulgence, self-seeking motives, and attention seeking social media dependence. For someone who suffers from a mental health disorder, how many “likes” a person gets on their selfie will determine how they feel about themselves. If you know someone who publishes a lot of selfies, especially a lot of inappropriate selfies, are you really helping them by clicking “like”? Or could you be ignoring a real problem and enabling an addict?

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