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How Screening for Depression & Anxiety Can Help Reduce Drug Use

Screening for depression and anxiety could potentially help reduce drug use because it’s not unusual for people to use drugs as a way to cope with their depression, anxiety, or mental health condition. If people do a screening for mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety, then they may be able to get the treatment they need early on, which may prevent them from “self-medicating” with substances.

Screening for Depression & Anxiety

It’s important to get regular screenings for mental health conditions, like depression and anxiety, because without proper treatment, the condition can get worse. Not only this but without properly treating the condition, you impact your quality of life. There are a number of different ways to treat mental health concerns, like depression and anxiety, such as through counseling sessions, behavioral therapy, medications, and holistic approaches. The bottom line is that it can be important to get some type of help for your condition, regardless as to how you and your doctor decide to treat it.

How Noticing Depression & Anxiety Helps Reduce Drug Use

Screening for depression, anxiety, and mental health conditions could be the difference between you getting the appropriate, professional help that you need and letting your condition worsen to the point where you start abusing substances as a way to cope with a condition that you may not even realize that you have.

The reality is that a professional can diagnose and treat you for the condition, but if you don’t get screened by a professional, you won’t know what you are actually dealing with. If you continue to feel depressed or anxious, act impulsively, lash out, experience mood swings, or something of the sort, then you may want to speak with a professional before your condition becomes unmanageable, or even worse off than it may be.

It’s critical to have a screening for depression and anxiety because it can allow for you to get the help you truly need and prevent you from resorting to unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as alcohol and drug use.

Drug addiction and alcoholism can go hand in hand with mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. It’s not uncommon for addicts and alcoholics to have co-occurring disorders. If you find yourself in the midst of drug addiction or alcoholism, it’s time to get the help you need. The Watershed Texas is a dual diagnosis treatment facility dedicated to restoring lives. Let us help you. Call The Watershed Texas at 1-800-861-1768.

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