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Scott Disick Drunk And High: Hospitalized for Overdose On Kardashian’s

Scott Disick drunk and high ends up in hospital from a suspected suicide overdose attempt.  Disick is usually causing some sort of scene on the Kardashian reality television shows, but matters took a drastic turn when the severity of his addiction became unveiled this week like never before.  The 31-year-old man, who is husband to the well-known Kourtney Kardashian, appears to be heading for some serious trouble if he doesn’t get help.  The public seemed to drop their jaws in awe and sympathy, seeing images of the once entertaining Scott in a hospital bed after the incident.

Scott Disick Drunk On Film

A sickening spoiler of the first season of Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons, which premiered on September 14, shows a scene of empty pill and beer bottles with a person in the background saying, “He took the entire thing… every pill!”  Most reality television series are claimed to be emphasized for dramatic effect to catch in viewers by drawing their attention, but even the Kardashian series producers could not exaggerate the extent of Disick’s true-to-life disease.  Even if it is a television show, these are real people and the truth is that Scott Disick has clearly displayed some unhealthy behaviors.  In the preview, Kourtney has locked Scott out of their home in the Hamptons, as she says, “Unless you want to be sober, then I don’t want you here.” She is then seen telling him a message of impact, “If you want to die then you can continue to act this way.”  In a scenario like this, it can seem hurtful, but sometimes the loved one of the addict is left with no alternative other than to be as blunt as possible and force them to face the cold, hard truth in the reality of the matter.  The man ultimately found himself in the hospital following the incident, where the doctor told him that the drug mixture he concocted for himself posed a serious threat to his own life.  Scott was told to “let them [the drugs] wear their way out” and to keep off any mind-altering substances because it hasn’t appeared to be working for him well so far.  Kourtney claims that he may be in need of drug rehabilitation, but Scott is not ready to make that commitment.  He says he just “doesn’t know what to do.”

The Pitfall Of Scott Disick Drunk And High

It has been a rather difficult year for Scott, as his mother, Bonnie, died almost a year ago in October of 2013 and father, Jeffrey, just three short months thereafter with both causes of death unstated.  Of course this is no excuse for him to act out by using alcohol and drugs to deflect his feelings of apathy, loneliness, anger, and frustration.  But knowing this does not necessarily mean that an alcoholic and addict can stop picking up that drink and/or drug.  That is what the disease of addiction does.  Even when Scott Disick tried to cut back on his drinking on his own terms and ultimately reverted back to the substance, it was shown that self-knowledge will fail when it comes to push and shove against the disease of addiction.  “I barely feel like I can take care of myself,” Scott admitted.  “I am hanging on by a string.”

With these kinds of statements, it raises great concern about Scott from Kourtney and the rest of the family.  Perhaps he will reconsider rehab, as Kourtney suggested.  The most important thing is that Scott Disick finds a way to remain stable.  Coincidentally, Suicide Prevention Week commences this week and allows society ways to ignite conversation on the topic.  With 39,000 people taking their own lives each year, suicide is seen as a national tragedy that is in desperate need to be stopped.  Suicide is 100% preventable if the person receives the needed, proper care.  This week will help get the necessary information out to the public that will hopefully encourage people who are unstable to seek some method of treatment for help to get to a better state of mind.  Suicide Prevention is a huge step in uniting not just the country, but the entire world in an effort to save people from harming themselves and keep loved ones together.

The Watershed is a leading addiction dual diagnosis treatment facility.  If you are suffering from the disease of addiction and long for a new way of life, call today.  You are worth recovery.

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