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Robb Nash: The Suicide Note Tattoo Man

Robb Nash Quote Suicide NoteFive years ago Robb Nash, a Canadian rocker, received a suicide note that would change the course of his life forever.

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Suicide Note

Nash had been in a horrific car accident in his teens. He had to stop playing the sports he loved, and because of this, he ended up dangerously depressed.

“I was in this really dark place emotionally where I didn’t want to be alive,” he said. “Everything you had planned out in life was stripped away,” explained Nash to BuzzFeed Canada.

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As a result of his this personal experience, he performed at a school which had recently suffered from the loss of a student who had committed suicide. Robb set out to share how he overcame his own demons and found the hope to not only serving others, but to love and live life again.

“After the show this girl came up and handed me her suicide note. She was planning to take her life that weekend. She didn’t need the note anymore.”

Since that moment, Robb Nash has collected 535 suicide notes along with bullets, razors, and endless promises from teens and young adults that will stop engaging in self-harm, using drugs, or attempting suicide.

Nash continues to travel to schools, mental health facilities, and detention centers to talk about issues like mental health disorders, suicide, self-injury, alcohol and drug abuse, bullying, and countless other problems our youth are currently facing. The goal is to provide information, experience, and hope to those struggling or who may encounter struggles later on.

Experience, Strength, and Hope

Nash doesn’t stop at just sharing his experience, strength, and hope – he wears his new mission as a badge of honor by tattooing each person’s name who has given him their promise to not put their suicide note into action. The Canadian rock star currently holds 120 suicide note signatures on his body to show these kids that they have made an impact on his life. The tattoos for him and those teens are a reminder that no one is alone when it comes to dealing with mental health issues and healing.

“I want to tell my story so people don’t have to die before they decide they want to live.”

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Hope and Healing

Substance abuse and mental health issues many times go hand-in-hand. If you or someone you love is dealing with a drug or alcohol problem and struggling to survive, contact The Watershed today. Recovery is a reality and help is available.

Substance Abuse Crisis Helpline: 800-439-5959

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