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Stories Of Hope: Road To Recovery From Addiction

Millions of people are not only getting clean and sober, but are living in long-term recovery from drugs and alcohol. Let’s take a moment to look as some of these spotlight celebs who are on the road to recovery and/or ceaselessly support those in recovery.

Road To Recovery Stories

Carrie White, Celebrity Hairstylist & Alcoholic

5th Annual Experience, Strength and Hope award was recently given to Carrie White, celebrity hair salon owner and stylist. White also published, “Upper Cut: Highlights of My Hollywood Life”, where she goes into detail about her alcoholism, drug addiction, and her road to recovery. Behind the scenes, it would have appeared that White was living the ultimate dream when getting high with Jimmy Hendrix and Jim Morrison – who wouldn’t envy that life just a little bit? But after 3 husbands and 5 children, White reached her bottom in 1983 and decided she wanted to get clean and sober. White took her recovery seriously and worked hard to rebuild her life; in 2005 she opened a celebrity salon called Carrie White in Beverly Hills. White truly showed that the destruction of addiction does not need to be the end of the story, but a road to recovery. Hard work in recovery does pay off when we don’t give up.

Bill Moyers, Nationally Renowned Journalist & Father of a Crack-head

This nationally renowned journalist and political commentator found his then-35-year-old son, William, addicted to drugs and alcohol in a crack house in 1994. Since that moment, William has been clean and sober and on the road to recovery. William even wrote a bestselling memoir about his addiction, recovery, and his dedication to working with Hazelden Foundation, an addiction rehab center located in Minnesota. Williams hopes his story will help break the stigma of what addict looks like, and that addiction can affect anyone at any time. His story also shows that recovery is possible at any age or social standing.

Jamie Lee Curtis, Actress & in Long-Term Road To Recovery

Jamie Lee Curtis talks publicly about her person struggles with drug abuse and her 15 years of sobriety. After Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death, Curtis discussed publically the impact that drugs have in America. Jamie Lee is also not shy about being an addict and doesn’t worry about what others think of her when it comes to helping another sick and suffering addict. Recently, Curtis was in the middle of driving her friend to the hospital after they had a bad reaction to a mixture of prescription drugs and alcohol.  Curtis immediately called 911 for help because she was not sure she could make it to the hospital in time. Her friend is said to have been treated and released. Jamie Lee also works as a volunteer counselor for anti-drug campaigns, and continues on helping others find their road to recovery.

Recovery Works!

It does not matter who you are, how old you are, or how much money you have – addiction can happen to anyone. Although many feel there is no hope after addiction, these people have shown that it’s possible to choose recovery at any time. Do not let the disease of addiction tell you or your loved one that recovery is not a reality. These stories of hope prove that there is a wonderful life waiting for anyone who chooses recovery.

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