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Is Relapsing on Alcohol More Common Over the Holidays?

relapsing on alcoholRelapsing on alcohol can and does happen to alcoholics. While not every alcoholic relapses back into drinking, the reality is that it can occur at any time during the year when a solid program of recovery isn’t being worked.

However, there’s one particular time during the year that alcoholics should watch out for – the holidays. With Thanksgiving just a few days away, it’s important to go over what might trigger a relapse and what you can do to prevent it.

Understanding Alcohol Relapse Over the Holidays

Is relapsing on alcohol really more common over the holidays? Some alcoholics and their loved ones would say yes. This can be due to the fact that holidays like Thanksgiving can be stressful or involve seeing family drinking in front of them.

What Might Trigger an Alcohol Relapse

Sometimes, just seeing people you haven’t seen in a while or getting together with a bunch of nonalcoholic but heavy drinking family members can be enough to make you want to pick up a drink – but that doesn’t mean that you ever have to!

On the other hand, you may not be able to see relatives or may end up celebrating Thanksgiving alone, which can also be lonely and triggering as well. This is why it can help to have a plan for Thanksgiving as well as the rest of the upcoming holidays set in place, so that you generally know where you will be and what you will be doing.

Preventing an Alcohol Relapse

The best way to prevent an alcohol relapse is by continuing to work a solid program of recovery. This means that recovering alcoholics should continue to attend 12 Step Fellowship meetings, talk with their sponsor, and reach out to sober supports. Regardless as to whether it’s the holiday season or not, it’s important to remember that alcoholism is a disease and recovery requires regular maintenance – even during special occasions.

It is too often that alcoholics assume they’ve “got this,” they don’t need any support, or that they’ve been sober for so long that they simply “wouldn’t” relapse. The truth is that alcoholism is a chronic and progressive illness that needs to be tended to in order for sobriety to be maintained.

Some additional helpful tips for staying sober over Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays includes reaching out when you feel like you’re going to drink at your family get-together, leaving Thanksgiving dinner if you feel too triggered and don’t know what to do, and going to a meeting on Thanksgiving day if you need to.

It is possible to remain sober on Thanksgiving and throughout the holidays, but you have to make sure that you do your part by continuing to work your recovery program. Even if you decide to stay home, get with friends, or go to an Alcathon during Thanksgiving, you can have a good time without resorting back to alcohol.

Are you having trouble putting the bottle down? The Watershed Texas is here to help, even on Thanksgiving Day! You can call The Watershed Texas any time of the day during any day of the week. Call for support today at 1-800-861-1768.

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