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Relapse Prevention 101: Tips & Suggestions

relapse preventionRelapse prevention tips and tools will help you and your loved one on their journey to long-term recovery. Here are some of the main reasons addicts and alcoholics will relapse and what you can do to prevent it.

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Relapse Prevention 101

Not Taking Suggestions

Sometimes other people who have been in recovery longer than you, or who are professionals, know what they are talking about. If you close yourself off from taking suggestions, chances are you are running on your own will, and for an addict/alcoholic in recovery, this could mean picking up a drink or drug over it. Learn to listen and apply suggestions that may actually benefit you and your new life.

Not Being Of Service

Being of service is an excellent way to get out of self and out of negative thinking. Many times addicts and alcoholics can get stuck in obsessive thinking, which can lead to negativity. One of the best relapse prevention tools you have is helping others. So get out there and be of service to your fellows.

Not Going To Meetings

Not attending 12-step meetings, avoiding reaching out to sober contacts, and not communicating with a sponsor are all major red flags.  These are vital components when trying to stay clean and sober long-term. Relapse prevention begins with sharing with other alcoholics and addicts who are also on the path of recovery.

Old Behaviors

Going back to that old thinking pattern, near your old stomping ground, with those old friends you use to get drunk and high with can be a straight path to a relapse. You may not even know that you are doing it at the time, so be aware of whom you surround yourself with in recovery and where you hang out.

Not Being Honest

Lying to yourself, your supports, and your loved ones can and will take you off your spiritual path of growth. When you hide what is going on and lie about things happening in your life, you are allowing your secrets to prevent you from growing towards a healthier lifestyle. Those lies can dominate you and eventually a relapse will occur.

These are just some of the reasons why a person may relapse, but they are not the only reasons. The best suggestion to maintain sobriety would be to remain constantly working on a program of recovery and continue reaching out with other individuals in the recovering community.  Build a network and support team.  You never have to be alone like you may have felt while active in addiction.

Relapse and Relapse Prevention Help

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