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Recovery Jokes: What Do They Really Mean?

Recovery JokesRecovery can be difficult sometimes, but we don’t have to take our selves so serious all the time. Here are some great recovery jokes that are sure to tickle your funny bone while providing you with the meaning behind the humor.

Recovery Jokes That Make You Go HA!

Have you heard a person who in a meeting opens their share with, “Not to cross-talk, but…”  (Insert the sound of drums here!) Any time someone makes a comment followed by the word “but,” you know they are going to go ahead and make their comment anyway!

“You gave me the wrong number at the bar so I followed you home.”

The alcoholic following another individual at the bar home could manifest into a crazy scenario while really the alcoholic probably has false ideals of romance in their mind. In recovery it can be funny looking back on the disillusionment and unmanageability that led to chasing down strangers who weren’t interested because you were so drunk that you couldn’t understand people were clearly not interested in hooking up with you!

“How do you know when you’re at an AA meeting?  When someone spills their coffee and everyone jumps up to clean the spill.”

There’s nothing like substituting alcohol for coffee, so naturally fellowship meetings will be loaded with the caffeinated beverage.  Because the program highlights having an accommodating attitude and lending an extra helping hand others, individuals are likely to assist.  It’s rather comical you’d know your in the right place when everyone is helping with the coffee (of all drinks to spill!) mishap!

“Allow me to describe the 13th step to you… ‘My life has become unmanageable and I have come to share it with you!’”

What could be more intrusive for a codependent tactic than latching onto another using a 13th Step line?  When a recovering individual “13th steps,” the term refers to an individual with long-term sobriety engaging in some type of relationship with someone early in recovery.  There’s no actual 13th step to any 12-step program and the joke is only humorous because it’s a pun, or play on words.

“What’s that new fellowship called for people who obsess about talking too much?”

“They call it On-and-On-Anon.”

Get it?  Not to be confused with Al-Anon.

Although recovery related jokes may crack a smile and make the recovering addict and alcoholic chuckle, they are many times just far-fetched and over the top for humor purposes.  It’s nice and relieving to see how in the process of recovery, individuals can take a look at these recovery jokes and identify with the phrases through laughter instead of getting resentful or ashamed after having been through.  In retrospect, it can be seen that the recovery community is composed of authentic individuals that are not a glum fellowship but instead rather communicable and joyous at that!

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