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3 Problems Addicts Face in Early Recovery

early recovery from addiction to drugsWhile recovering from alcohol and drug addiction can bring freedom, being in early recovery can also mean facing challenges.

Problems Addicts Experience in Early Recovery

It’s important to educate yourself on some of the challenges that you, or a loved one, may face in early recovery from addiction. You may find that you experience some of these challenges while others do not, or the other way around. Either way is perfectly fine. Just be sure that you reach out for support if you do find yourself struggling with one of these problems in early recovery.

1. Replacing Unhealthy Coping Skills with More Effective Practices

One common problem that many individuals in early recovery face is that they haven’t developed or practiced healthy coping skills to replace their substance abuse. Without identifying and practicing healthier coping skills, it can be difficult to cope with feelings and situations. Replacing alcohol and drug use with healthier coping mechanisms is critical.

2. Facing Underlying Issues and Past Trauma

It can also be a challenge for individuals in early recovery to address and work through past issues. Many addicts and alcoholics resort to substances as a way to deal with trauma and/or co-occurring disorders, so dealing with these can be overwhelming in early recovery. It helps to reach out for support, keep up with a program of recovery, and be kind to yourself. It may take some time to heal and work through certain issues, but it doesn’t mean that you have to address them completely or resort back to substance abuse.

3. Developing New Relationships with Others

It can be tough for addicts and alcoholics in recovery to build relationships with others. Many addicts and alcoholics abused substances in isolation or have had conflicts with many of their loved ones. While it may be scary to attempt to develop relationships with others, it can also be beneficial to your recovery when the individual is on the same path as you.

Getting Help for Addiction

If you are struggling with addiction, don’t let your fears or challenges prevent you from getting the help you need. Getting clean and sober is completely worth it. You deserve to experience the bliss of recovery. Plus, challenges that you may face in early recovery are only temporary. You could be in a much better place and frame of mind in some time. Be gentle with yourself and let yourself take however long you need to heal.

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