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Prescription Drug Abuse Study Finds Users Unprepared for Overdose

A recent study highlighted how people who avidly partake in prescription drug abuse view themselves differently than heroin addicts.  It was also found that most young adults abusing prescription opioids were uncertain as to how to properly respond to a drug overdose despite having suffered from one themselves or been near someone who had.

Prescription Drug Abuse Plagues Society

Prescription drug abuse has been going on just as often as misconceptions about prescription medications have been circulating.  A recurrent fallacy about prescription drugs is that they are safer than other substances on the street.  Thinking that these types of drugs are innocuous is dangerous because the drugs are potent and pure, so the substance abusers are at risk taking it without a prescription or not as properly directed.  There has been a significant surge of prescription drug abuse over the past decade in both males and females.  Prescription drug abuse poses a very real threat to society, as overdoses from prescription drugs have surpassed the overdoses from heroin and cocaine together.

Lack of Overdose Knowledge

In the study, it was also determined that opioid abusers had a misunderstanding when it came to overdose reversals.  Naloxone is given out with no charge in the state of New York, but many drug abusers were under the impression that it was a challenge to get a hold of and far too unaffordable if they even could.  The antagonist lifesaving reversal can be found in harm reduction sites and at needle exchange program facilities throughout the state.  When a select amount of opioid users were asked how they would respond to an overdose  since they were unaware or did not have access to naloxone, most drug users stated unsuccessful and illogical techniques including violently hitting the person in the face or moving them under cold water to reawaken them.

These recent findings emphasized how opioid abusers viewed themselves as different from addicts who abuse heroin and this is something that no drug user can afford to get confused about.  A drug is a drug and an overdose can occur regardless as to what the substance is.  No addict is less than or greater than the next.  The stigma of addiction can involve the thought that one substance is worse than another but this isn’t necessarily true.  It’s not even as much about the drugs as it as about the effect that the substance has on the addict and how they lose all control over the ability to restrain themselves from it. “Stigma lies at the heart of the problems,” began Jack Stein, who works for National Institute on Drug Abuse. “Societal stigma against heroin abuse and associated ignorance about heroin addiction has prevented those who become addicted to prescription opioids from recognizing their abuse as similar to, and equally dangerous as, heroin abuse.”

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