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PMA Caused Recent Deaths After Being Passed Off As Ecstasy Pills

An estimated 20 people died since 2012 as a direct result of ingesting PMA, otherwise chemically known as para-methoxyamphetamine, which is a drug compound that mimics the effects of ecstasy pills.  Despite the severity of the drug and its fatalities, not many people are aware of PMA.  A case pertaining to the sale of this drug caused the death of a 19-year-old girl, and the judge was even unaware of the existence of PMA.  The judge went on to say how, “the absolutely lethal effects of it ought to be more widely known.”

Ecstasy Pills with PMA

PMA is most commonly taken by drug abusers when they believe they are actually taking ecstasy pills.  Typically these drug abusers do not notice effects immediately, which is why many of the people that died were said to have taken more of the pills in an attempt to reach the high they were anticipating.  The fact that the drug takes a while to “kick in” is what has been most concerning to officials, especially because this means drug abusers will indefinitely take more than a single pill.  A greater amount of these pills put the user at a much higher risk of fatality.  Like ecstasy pills, the effects of the drug are increased heart rate and a spike in body temperature.  To put it simply, it is very possible to die as a result of ingesting these pills.

History OF PMA

The drug PMA was first introduced in 1967 when it was discovered by biochemist Alexander Shulgin, who just so happened to also be the first to reprocess MDMA prior to this.  Ironically enough, Shulgin urged the public to not take PMA by stating more than a single dose could negatively impact cardiovascular activity and an excessive amount could cause death.  He even stated, “I would suggest staying away from this compound.”

The UK Sees PMA

With an estimate of over half a million people in the UK abusing ecstasy pills, the urgency in making the public aware of the possibility that the drug contained PMA became apparent.  The United Kingdom has been recorded as having the deaths of people that abused the drug in areas like England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.  Typically called Pink Ecstasy, Green Rolex, Dr. Death, and Mortal Kombat, these PMA-containing “ecstasy pills” became an unnoticed trend.

The reality is that PMA and Ecstasy are dangerous drugs that have the power to kill, even just once. If you find you have become addicted to ecstacy and want to stop, please contact us today. We can help you be free from the obsession to use. Contact The Watershed now!

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