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Peaches Geldof Overdose: Heroin Killed The Movie Star

The news of Peaches Geldof’s overdose death has shaken up Hollywood.  The world may have previously known the late leading lady as a writer, model, and television superstar before her untimely death at age 26.  However, the media has put more focus on the drug addiction she lived with.  The coroner has officially determined the cause of Geldof’s tragic death this last April to be that of a heroin overdose. Consequently, this happens to be the same way her widely-known celebrity mother Paula Yates died at 41 years old in 2000.

Peaches Geldof Overdose

Being the daughter of multi-talented Bob Geldof, it was no surprise that Peaches’ career would take off.  It was, however, shocking for some to hear that Peaches Geldof died as a result of her heroin addiction.  With eleven-month-old son Phaedra present, Peaches was found dead by her husband, Thomas Cohen, after he returned to their home in Kent, England on April 7 from spending a couple days away with two-year-old son, Astala.  When officials arrived at the scene, Cohen confessed to his knowledge of his wife having been on methadone for the past couple of years up until her relapse with heroin in February.  He claimed he was suspicious after seeing text messages that led him to believe she was actively using again.  This was confirmed to him when he saw her get rid of the drug by flushing it down the toilet.

The young girl’s autopsy was precarious and the toxicology report was said to take an extended period of time to gather, but a search in the home was conducted concerning Peaches Geldof overdose death.  Nearly seven grams of heroin, several dozens of syringes, burnt spoons, and other paraphernalia were discovered in the home.  The purity of the drug was discovered by an investigator to be at 61 percent, which is far greater than normal as far as potency for a street drug.  It was later revealed that Peaches’ blood consisted of heroin, codeine, methadone, and morphine.  Dr. Emma Harris explained how actively using heroin addicts can take amounts of the drug that would be toxic to someone with no tolerance, but that “tolerance to heroin and other opiate drugs appears to be lost fairly rapidly when users cease to use the drug.”  She attributed the heroin and its potency to the Peaches Geldof overdose, also adding, “Deaths commonly occur in people who have previously been tolerant and have returned to using heroin.”  Seeing as how Peaches had taken actions like abstaining from heroin use [though substituting with methadone] and allegedly getting rid of the heroin at one point as claimed by Cohen, it could be assumed that she was attempting to stay away from the drug but went back and forth with her addiction.

The Trouble with Methadone

Methadone maintenance programs have been used as a method to taper addicts off heroin.  The flaw with this is that the addict becomes physically, mentally, and emotionally addicted to the methadone. Substituting one drug for another is not complete abstinence from drugs and many do not consider it recovery.  If a person has recently taken methadone and resorts back to heroin use, they put themselves at greater risk for overdose, because the two combined is fatal mix.  Many addicts fail to realize that traces of methadone still remain in the body even several days after having taken the drug.  In the case pertaining to the Peaches Geldof overdose, the traces of methadone that were still in her system, combined with the heroin she took, proved to be fatal.

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