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Overcoming Social Anxiety In Recovery

The process of overcoming social anxiety during your recovery from drugs and alcohol can easily involve feelings of discomfort.  Feelings of inadequacy should practically be expected early on.  The substances have been removed from your life; they were your crutch that you grew to be so dependent on.  Adjusting is a component of recovery that will simply just take some time.

Overcoming Social Anxiety

In the first few months of your recovery, it’s not unlikely that you had to make some major changes.  This would cause anyone to be overwhelmed.  Being uncomfortable with change is human nature.  It makes life more unpredictable, and when there is no predictability, there is no control.  Addicts are typically under the impression that they are in control because they have grown accustomed to living by their own manipulative and self-seeking behaviors.  Many fail to realize that this is purely a game of “cat and mouse” because control is unattainable.

A valuable piece of advice to the recovering addict would be to allow yourself to just go with the flow. If you get caught up in all the newfound circumstances coming about in your life, you may feel distressed over the unfamiliarity.  Try your best not to worry.  Instead, surround yourself with sober supports that have been through the work already.  They can guide you along your journey, and provide great suggestions to alleviate any growing concerns in your early recovery.  It’s also a good idea to reach out to other addicts early in their recovery.  You can each lean on each other and realize you aren’t alone in your uncomfortable feelings.  This is a great way for overcoming social anxiety, because you get the chance to familiarize yourself with someone going through the same journey as you.  It can be extremely helpful to have someone who is in the “same boat as you.”  Through all the confusion and struggle of your recovery process, you may just find yourself forming an authentic and meaningful bond.

Another approach to overcoming social anxiety could be to take a look into some relaxation methods.  It can be a rewarding coping skill to find pleasure in healthy activities like meditating, going for a walk, drinking tea, taking a nap, or reading a book.  These are considered refreshing for the body, mind, and soul.  It will take you away from your unwanted feelings of uncomfortableness because your mind should reach a point of ease.

There may be moments in which your moods fluctuate both left and right.  When this happens, you may find the only option is to sit with these unwanted feelings in order to move past them.  It helps when you can talk to a good sober support, close friend, or professional.  This will allow you the ability to work through the emotions.  Then you can focus on ways to be proactive about noticing what brings on your sudden mood changes.

Going through the process of recovery and making healthy changes is not easy.  Overcoming social anxiety is a hard task, but it will be necessary because reaching out to sober supports and helping others who are struggling is what can ultimately keep you clean.

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