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Ohio Marijuana Laws: Will It Be Legal In 2015?

Ohio marijuana laws could be changing by the end of the year if petitions, like Responsible Ohio, get enough signatures before November voting.  If approved, Ohio could be the fifth state in the country to legalize marijuana.

Ohio Marijuana Laws

Current Ohio marijuana laws prohibit the medical and recreational use of marijuana.  However, the public has started petitions to join states like ColoradoWashingtonAlaska and Oregon, where the use and sale of marijuana is legally permitted.

Responsible Ohio

A popular online petition site, known as Responsible Ohio, caught the most attention this week.  It’s actually a combination of ten groups of men and women that have come together in unity to change Ohio marijuana laws by exercising the right to petition for the use of medical and recreational marijuana.  The amount of signatures must reach a required minimum of 305,000 people by the deadline of July 1 for Ohio to qualify for the November 3, 2015 General Election Ballot.  “Marijuana in Ohio will be safe, controlled, tested and clearly labeled for medical and personal use,” said Chris Stock, who is a representative of the Responsible Ohio campaign.  “Our plan will also create opportunities for Ohioans to own and operate retail stores and manufacturing facilities, which will create thousands of new jobs in an emerging market.”  According to Stock, ideally, the plan will be profitable for the state in the long run.  Ohio marijuana laws would still need to be mandated appropriately for college and university safety due to the strict federal policies regarding prohibition of drug use near these grounds.

Responsible Ohio’s idea is for a 15% state tax on the marijuana, to be collected by the farmers, manufacturers, and sellers.  The campaign was specific in setting a tactful plan for the division of the tax proceeds.  The proposal was to have 55% go toward local funding, 30% to counties’ safety, health, economic growth cost, and 15% to “compassionate care” contribution.  The “compassionate care” funding would cover costs for medical marijuana facilities, marijuana studies, mental illness and addiction research, and nonprofits.  Responsible Ohio also discussed that if the amendment for Ohio marijuana laws were to be made and the drug permitted in the state by voting in November, then part of the agreement would entail that taking, manufacturing, and selling marijuana would be restricted within 1,000 feet of churches, libraries, playgrounds, schools, and day-care centers.

Because four states have already followed through with legalizing the recreational use of marijuana and 23 have decriminalized the drug for medical purposes, the fate of the drug’s federal prohibition remains unseen.  In spite of this, marijuana remains a controversial drug in great heated debate today.

Even though times may be changing and drugs can be viewed as a controversial political debate in the country, a drug is a drug for someone dealing with a substance use disorder.  Are you battling with an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs?  Contact The Watershed for help today.  Hope is never so lost it can’t be found, so call today at 1-800-439-5959.

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