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How Nutrition Can Help an Addict in Early Recovery from Addiction

recovery from addictionBeing in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol isn’t easy – it takes hard work not just to get sober but to stay sober too. Addiction is a cunning, baffling, and powerful disease, so if there’s anything that can be done to help support your recovery, why wouldn’t you do it? Making healthier food choices can actually have a positive impact on your outlook and support your newfound sobriety. But how?

Benefits of Eating Healthy During Recovery from Addiction

Healthy foods have a number of benefits, from providing more energy and fighting fatigue to strengthening eye sight and more! Maintaining a healthy diet can even support your recovery because of the nutrients in them. Eating healthy foods, such as lean proteins like chicken or fish, vegetables, and fruit, can help alcoholics and addicts develop better eating habits than they may have had during active addiction. When using drugs or drinking alcohol, the focus of the addict is achieving their next high – not giving their bodies the nutrients they crave and need to function best. So, since recovery is a critical readjusting period for alcoholics and addicts, it can help to establish a routine that promotes their health.

Eating a healthy diet plan can also help stabilize mood and alleviate depression, which are both very important for individuals in recovery who may be feeling anxious or depressed. It has also been found that sugar and drugs impact parts of the brain similarly. For example, sugar and cocaine have a similar effect on levels of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter in the brain that helps regulate the reward and pleasure systems. An increase of dopamine levels can lead to a large drop in mood, which is demonstrated by how sugar can cause hyperactivity followed by a crash afterward. Maintaining a diet that is low in sugar can help alcoholics and addicts in recovery by stopping them from having as intense mood swings and drops in mood.

Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Health

When alcoholics and addicts begin the process of recovery, they may learn that taking care of themselves in all areas will help them be at optimal health. Removing substances can certainly help their emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing, but there’s even more ways to do so. While addicts and alcoholics in active addiction might care little about themselves or their health, recovery provides them with the ability to finally invest in their health and wellness.

After all, each alcoholic and addict deserves to live a healthy life free from addiction to any substance. Recovery is possible for anybody who works to achieve and maintain it.

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