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Neknominate: New Social Media Drinking Trend That Kills

Neknominate is said to have originated in Australia and is quickly making its way around the world via Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. It’s pretty simple – you film yourself chugging large quantities of mixed alcoholic beverages in a daring way and then nominate one of your friends to outdo you.

Neknominate: You’re going to drink what?

It was originally meant to be a fun challenge among drinking buddies, but since the game started, an estimated 5 men under the age of 30 have died after drinking these deadly drinks. Health professionals are sending a strong warning to people about the risks associated with consuming large amounts of alcohol in such a short amount of time.

Dr. Sarah Jarvis, medical adviser for the UK-based charity Drinkaware, told CNN in a recent interview “The point about alcohol is that it affects your ability to recognize that you’re in danger, and it absolutely affects your ability to react to danger. So we have a double whammy.”

There doesn’t appear to be any rules on the limit or type of drinks that are consumed, and as with any dare, each nomination is becoming more and more crazy. One man mixes alcohol with a dead mouse and another is seen consuming his drink with goldfish, insects, dog food, and even engine oil.

Neknominate is definitely engaging in peer pressure on a global level and it’s not just hurting our youth, it’s literally killing them. How many more have to die just to impress others? We can blame social media giants like Facebook, Youtube, and even Twitter, but ultimately we need to take responsibility for our own actions. If you are putting yourself at risk to become famous or show off to others, you may want to rethink how you are living your life and who are you living it for?


Neknominate and Alcohol Abuse Awareness

Many kids and teens actually start drinking and drugging at a young age because of peer pressure and we can clearly see the how and the why of it after seeing some of these strange social trends take off. If you are seeing videos or social media posts that could cause harm to them or to others, speak up! We have the power to help create a better tomorrow and save lives, but if we say nothing we just  become part of the problem.

If know someone is struggling with a drinking problem and they can’t seem to stop no matter how hard they try, please give us a call today. The Watershed has facilities in Florida and Texas. Call us now at 1-800-439-5959.

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