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Negative Effects of Alcohol: The Facts and Myths of Alcoholism

Earlier this month, a story was released about the negative effects of alcohol and what they’ve done to a 35-year-old woman who is classified as an alcoholic. By starting her heavy drinking at the young age of twenty, Beverley Pickorer is now facing certain death due to liver disease that was brought on by negative effects of alcohol abuse.

This mother of four is constantly suffering from seizures, her stomach is swollen, her teeth are rotting out of her head, and her skin is turning yellow and jaundiced. Because of the effects of alcohol, she is now the youngest person in her care home, unable to get out of bed, and needs to be turned over by staff every two hours. You see, alcoholism can begin at any age, young or old, and deteriorate the body quickly.

Negative Effects of Alcohol


There were 400 deaths per-year between 2001 and 2009, in which people who were aged up to 39 were suffering from an alcohol-induced liver disease.

Recent studies show that alcohol induced liver damage is becoming quite common among people under the age of 30; the number of hospital admissions due to alcoholism in this particular age group has doubled between the years of 2002 and 2012.

It is found that 28% of mothers have been intoxicated in front of their children.

A striking 33% of mothers say they drink alone when they aren’t socially drinking.


Alcoholism you have to be older, homeless, and living under a bridge only.

  • No. As an example, Beverley was only twenty years old when she started drinking alcoholically. This is a huge, long-perpetuated myth, and one that certainly doesn’t help alleviate the stigma of addiction.

Alcoholics choose to drink, and it’s their fault; they have no will power.

  • No. Alcoholics suffer from the disease of addiction, to where it is a three part disease: Alcoholics have the mental obsession, the physical allergy, and a spiritual malady. Once an alcoholic puts a drink in their system, they immediately start thinking about the next drink – hence the mental obsession. They do not choose, they simply have a disease.

Alcoholics are hopeless: “Once a drunk, always a drunk.”

  • Few people know that there is no cure for alcoholism, but there is a solution. In active alcoholism or addiction, alcoholics and addicts are not the same as they would be sober. They normally tend to do things they said they would never do, and hit many bottoms that are not socially acceptable. Once the alcoholic learns that there is a better way of life, they will then begin to work towards the solution.

 Alcohol Treatment

No alcoholic or addict should have to suffer and die, especially at such an early age. The negative effects of alcohol and death are easily preventable by finding a solution and a new way of life. The first step to that solution is getting the proper treatment. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcoholism or addiction, chat with us now: click here.

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