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Naloxone – Anti-Overdose “Miracle Drug” Calims To Saves Lives

Naloxone (a.k.a.: Narcan, Nalone, Narcanti) is a drug that was developed in the 1960’s to reverse the effects of an overdose of opiates. Due to it’s great success, many hospitals and ambulance crews have kept a supply of Naloxene on hand for emergency cases since the mid-ninetees and is said to have saved thousands of lives as a result.

How it works: Naloxone

Naloxone is most typically administered intravenously for the quickest results. Within seconds it will shield the opioid receptors in the brain, effectively stopping the effects of the opiates and allowing close to normal function of the body. Lasting up to an hour, this would provide enough time to get to a hospital for treatment.

With opioid overdoses on the rise in recent years, many programs have become available to train for the administration of Naloxone putting the drug in the hands of trusted friends and family members. The benefits here seem obvious, however, the debate goes on as to whether this is really the right move.

For the distribution of Naloxone

There is a push to allow over-the-counter sales and free government distribution of Naloxone to the public to those trained in its use. Clearly this would help to edge back the amount of overdose deaths, allowing the user to get both the medical attention they need as well as counseling to kick the addiction.

Against the distribution of Naloxone

On the other side of the coin, some would argue that over-the-counter sales of Naloxone could be a mistake. Possibly providing the user with a means to continue their drug habits, or even worse, a false sense of security thinking they could administer the dosage themselves in case of an emergency.

In any case, a person has to want to get better in order for their recovery to take shape and that cannot happen if that person is no longer alive. As someone who has witnessed the effects of addiction, I can tell you that sometimes it can take a lot before the addict realizes that they need help and even more courage to seek it out. In my opinion, making Naloxone available to trained individuals who really want to help can only be beneficial to the potential recovering addict.

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