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How To Find A Sponsor In An NA Or AA Meeting

aa meeting_sponsorshipGoing to a Narcotics Anonymous, NA, or Alcoholics Anonymous, AA meeting, can be an anxiety provoking time for some, especially if you are not sure what to do. Once you enter the rooms of a 12-step fellowship like AA, NA, CA, MA or any other anonymous program, you are suggested to get a sponsor and start working those steps. It sounds simple enough, but for the addict or alcoholic who used drugs or alcohol to feel comfortable, this is a pretty big step. Not to mention that most people who enter early recovery have a very hard time trusting in people and the process at hand.

Most addicts and alcoholics live life a certain way in order to survive their addiction and when they come into recovery they are presented with the idea that they must change their lives entirely and work steps with someone they may not even know. How does one find a sponsor in an AA meeting or any 12-step program for that matter?

AA Meeting & NA Meeting Fellowships

Although in some cases it has been known where people have stayed sober in an NA and AA meeting by just attending, these programs work best long-term if you actually work the program of recovery as suggested. Addiction can be cunning, baffling, and power, so without a solid foundation, many have relapsed and then wondered why. Addicts and alcoholics can go through tough times without picking up a drink or a drug if they are spiritually, mentally, and emotionally fit. All of this can be obtained by working the steps that are recommended in an NA or AA meeting. The 12-steps are best applied to one’s life if a person who has also gone through the steps works with you. These people are generally known as Sponsors.

Getting A Sponsor In An NA Or AA Meeting

What is a sponsor? Let’s keep it simple. A sponsor is someone who has a full working knowledge of the 12 steps of NA or AA. Generally they have a sponsor as well and not only have worked all 12-steps, but they apply them to their lives and live by principle in all their affairs. You can learn more about sponsorship here: Questions and Answers on Sponsorship by AA. One of the best suggestions is to simply go to an NA or AA meeting and talk to people, listen to what others are saying and how they are acting (does it seem like something you want or would want to be like sober?), let others know that you are looking for a sponsor and if you see someone that has a glow about them, ask. There is no simple trick to getting a sponsor, but you have to put the work into it and go for it. This is your life and you deserve to recover too!

Celebrate Recovery

Never give up! You may find a sponsor your very first NA or AA meeting or it may take you some time, but never give up. The more12-step meetings you attend, the more likely you will find a sponsor. You have to put yourself out there and really surround yourself with others who are doing the real recovery deal in the rooms. Recovery is right there for the taking, you just have to take that leap of faith and ask someone to help you go through the 12 steps of Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous today. Your life is worth it!

How did you find your sponsor? Was it in an NA or AA meeting? What worked and didn’t work in your program of recovery? We want to hear from you!

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