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Worlds Most Expensive Place To Buy Cocaine

buy cocaineAccording to a recently published global survey, cocaine continues to be the most expensive drug in the world, and Australians are paying the most for it. The Global Drug Survey found that a gram of cocaine costs around $80 in the UK, $60 in the US and $230 in Australia. New Zealand is not far behind, paying $210 per gram. The cost of cocaine in Brazil is by far the lowest of all the countries at $10 per gram, followed by the Netherlands, which jumps up to $40.

Buy Cocaine

Experts say this is because of tougher border controls for the island countries coupled with the fact that drug cartels don’t see these countries as a target demographic because of the smaller size market.

Of the 100,000 people surveyed in 50 countries, 20 percent said they used cocaine in the last year, the remainder of which said they used it less than 10 times in that same period. Psychiatrist Adam Winstock says that this is relatively low compared to other narcotics.

“If you look at the sampling among cannabis users, many had used over 100 times in the past year, and for alcohol, a lot more were using weekly,” he said. “It’s a good thing coke is really expensive. It helps lower indulgence.”

With the addition of of crystal meth and the like, the cocaine market appears to be two­tier now, allowing dealers to offer cocaine at a premium cost over the others. The survey also found that more people are purchasing their drugs online in hidden, unregulated marketplaces. Cocaine is one of the top 10 narcotics that fall into this method of purchase.

Other key survey findings

  • Ireland is home to the heaviest of drinkers, reporting higher rates for risk of dependence.

Poland came in right after, followed by Denmark, and then France.

  • For tobacco, the research team learned that the United States is the biggest smoking country of them all.
  • Overall, there has been a tripling in growth over the last three years for the use of MDMA, or ecstasy.
  • In all of the countries surveyed, less than 50% of patients who are prescribed opioids have ever been warned about the risks of addiction

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