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Facts About Moderate Alcohol Consumption

Potentially crushing news for moderate drinkers who think they’re going to live longer, healthier lives than heavy or non-drinkers. According to researchers, moderate alcohol consumption may not reap any health benefits at all.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption

When 53,000 British participants were observed during a recent study, there was no type of relationship found between moderate alcohol consumption and positive health benefits.  Craig Knott, who is an expert on the study, and a research associate in epidemiology and public health at University College London, made this statement: “Based on the findings from this study, alcohol consumption appears to confer little to no protection against mortality [death] in most age-sex groups.”

Prior research falsely led us to believe moderate alcohol consumption could help prevent early death and on-set of illness. This finding was originally suggested after a study of drinkers consuming a couple drinks a day were supposedly living longer than both those who were not drinking anything at all and those that were drinking significantly more, according to Health Day on

This study was inaccurate, because researchers had mixed individuals who had never drank before, with individuals who had ceased drinking, in the “non-drinkers” group. Knott explained how these new findings affected the end result and why, saying, “Importantly, former drinkers appear to be less healthy and at greater risk of mortality than never drinkers.  With existing research having largely grouped former and never drinkers together, there was the possibility that protective effects seen among lighter drinkers may be less a consequence of a real biological relationship and more a statistical artifact arising from their comparison against people who are simply less healthy.”

Looking back at recent study

The new study, which included 53,000 people over 50 years old, was conducted in England on February 10, 2015.  When compared to non-drinkers, there were extremely little to no benefits at all when it came to men ranging between 50 and 64 years old who reported having an approximate 15 to 20 drinks a week, and women who claimed to be drinking about 10 drinks or under during the week.  Knott explained it as, “including but not limited to the possibility that individuals participating in a study are healthier than those who do not.”  Along with this new moderate alcohol consumption study, it was additionally found in 2014 that prior research was incorrect about studies regarding moderate red wine consumption.  It turns out there are no health benefits from drinking red wine either. All in all, it turns out that moderate alcohol consumption does not have any positive health link toward an individual after all.

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