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Miley Cyrus: Social Media ‘Hurts Brain’ More Than Marijuana

Miley Cyrus was at it again, making a declaration that was the core cause of controversy brought up in the press for discussion.  The comment came up when Cyrus was asked if it bothered her that marijuana affected her brain and she exclaimed, “I was brought up in the way that we never thought marijuana was bad.  You know what hurts your brain? Googling yourself.  You know what hurts your brain?  Instagram.  You know what hurts your brain?  Reading comments on Facebook.  You know what hurts your brain?  Reading US Weekly.”  Though scientific research refutes Cyrus’ theory that social networks are more detrimental to your health than marijuana, she does pose an interesting point that cyber bulling and the influence of society can be extremely debilitating to a person’s mental health.

Miley Cyrus Social Media

Picture where Miley Cyrus is coming from: By skimming through endless amounts of commentary found on search engine hunts, social networking hubs, and trending gossipy magazines, some false statements and nasty remarks may wind up getting twisted in her head, stuck there to taunt her throughout the rest of the day.  These thoughts can doubtlessly transcend to self-hatred and lack of self-worth.  It’s important to realize that this can happen to anyone – not just celebrities.  This is what happens with cyber bullying and in present time it is an all too regular occurrence.  Social networks can unfortunately provide people with an opportunity bounce negativity off one another by typing mean comments.  In a sense, Cyrus is right because negative commentary and bullying can provoke such despair in a person that it drives them to a state of depression.  Not to mention seeing images of how people are airbrushed to look brainwashes youth to think that they are not good enough and generates a low self esteem to begin with.  Society in general coming from any outlet seems to spur some kind of temperamental distress that in turn can definitely affect a person’s mental health.

But is social media really worse than marijuana on the brain?

As previously stated, social networks can turn out to lower a person’s self-esteem and fluctuate their mental stability as a result.  Marijuana is a drug and being legal in two states does not change the effects that it has on the brain.  The truth is that since the drug has been illegal for some time, there is not much research on it.  However, now more studies are being conducted on the drug, despite it ironically being difficult to obtain for research purposes.  Research has just come out to conclude that marijuana does indeed have a negative long-term impact on the brain – for both regular and occasional users.  Before this recent study that was conducted by researches at Harvard and Northwestern, it was only found that excessively using marijuana was related to unusual brain irregularities but during this, they found that even light, occasional use can lead to brain abnormalities of a significant toll on emotion and motivation.  “This is the general perspective out there that using marijuana recreationally is not a problem, that it is a safe drug.  This is not the case,” Anne Blood spoke as a member of the study.  So it is quite presumptuous and misleading for Miley Cyrus to go ahead and express her stance on believing marijuana to not be “bad” when it is now being found to in fact cause damage to important parts of the brain.

When it comes to harming the brain, negative comments that erupt into self-loathing and mental instability can cause an impact.  Likewise, marijuana is a well-known serious mind-altering, addictive substance that can affect your brain even if you smoke it minimally, recreationally, or occasionally.  The bottom line is that many sources can be attributed as factors to causing damage to the brain and the best way to avoid is not to take in anything that could contribute like substances, such as marijuana.

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