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$1M Worth Of Batman And Star Wars Meth-Pops Seized

Holy drug bust, Batman! Roughly 600 lbs of “meth-pops” were discovered by the Texas police when responding to a robbery at a private residence.

When the Houston, Texas police arrived at the home, deputies found a male and female stealing what looked like bags of candy, reports CNN. What they really found were homemade meth-laced lollipops. The couple had stolen so many that they couldn’t even close the back hatch to their car, according to Lt. Ruben Diaz.

Meth-Pops In Texas

The meth-pops were created by melting meth into Batman and Star Wars candy molds. The street value is estimated at $1 million – each pop selling for $20-$40. Some officials are concerned that this could be a direct target towards children, but it may simply be a cover-up for an easier sell to drug addicts.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Post

“Foiled burglary nets enormous narcotic seizure early this morning. An estimated 600 POUNDS of Meth-pops were recovered, with an approximate street value of close to $1,000,000.

It appears the candy was intended to be distributed among children and/or sold to juveniles.

Be on alert, Harris County. If you see something, say something. Call the Harris County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency line (713-221-6000) to report any suspicious activity. #summersafety #hounews

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