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Meaning of Insanity Can Show How People Are Sick Trying To Get Well

It can be frustrating to deal with people who suffer from insanity, but the truth is that there is nothing you can do to control them or their actions.  The meaning of insanity demonstrates that these people aren’t necessarily vindictive any more than they are choosing to abstain from behaving a particular way.  People who suffer from extreme mental health disorders are genuinely sick individuals and should be treated as such.

Meaning of Insanity Explained

Alcoholics Anonymous Founder Bill Wilson defined insanity in the Big Book text on Page 37 as “a lack of proportion of the ability to think straight,” and couldn’t see any other way that would best suit such a term.  This interpretation insinuates that the most popularly known description provided by Albert Einstein of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result – is irrelevant.  Bill had believed that this incapability of proper mental function was due to repression, meaning that the sick individual was running from their overwhelming feelings or thoughts, and that they would feel compelled to use some specific external source as the anecdote to temporarily solve their thinking problems. For example, his alcoholism grew apparent when he turned to drinking as a crutch to numb out the internal turmoil that caused chaos.  Understanding that the meaning of insanity deals with the absence of clarity can help when dealing with accepting life on life’s terms and when situations arise that are entirely out of control.

What does sanity look like?

Sanity may appear different for each individual.  Some say they feel completely restored after having lived with bouts of insane thinking for as long as they can recall.  However, others believe that they can only reprieve this on a daily basis by following a strict recovery maintenance plan according to what has been suggested to them.  These are the types of people that overcome their struggles as a gradual process instead of it being settled instantaneously as a rapid event.  Because each person has their own experience, every individual may view sanity at their own discretion, and therefore have an entirely different understanding of the meaning of insanity.  What works for someone may or may not work for another.  This is why it is important to remember how essential open-mindedness is when it comes to triumphing over any struggle.

Seeing that people are not necessarily deliberately being vengeful nor monstrous, but instead just acting out due to their own defects of character, helps see that others are simply human and nothing more or less than just that.

Are you struggling to put down that next drink and/or drug and feeling like it is bringing you to the meaning of insanity?  Contact The Watershed today because you don’t have to feel this way anymore and you do deserve a life away from alcohol and drugs.  It is possible.

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