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Marijuana Vending Machines Make Their Way to Seattle

Can you imagine being able to use a marijuana vending machine similar to how you would use a soda machine?  These inventions called ZaZZZ were introduced to Seattle, Washington on the morning of Tuesday, February 3.

Marijuana Vending Machines

ZaZZZ is the first of marijuana vending machines that can dispense pot and was invented by American Green, which is based in Arizona.  President and COO of the company, Stephen Shearin, followed in the footsteps of creators of the cigarette vending machines.  Shearin commented on his company’s invention saying, “The 21st century was here and maybe we can upgrade on that because dispensing machines are a very effective way to service the public.”  According to NBC News, spokesman Greg Patrick calls the product’s premiere in Seattle nothing short of a “historic” moment, also adding, “This will only happen once in our country’s history, the repeal of this prohibition.”  These marijuana vending machines can be found in medical marijuana locations like Seattle Caregivers Medical Marijuana Dispensary.  This is so that workers will be able to confirm the buyer’s age and identity for legal purposes.

How the machine works

The marijuana vending machines work by a touch screen, which is how marijuana purchasers place and confirm their product orders.  They can come up to the screen, browse easily readable information on types of marijuana, and process their information.   ZaZZZ is pivotal for the future since the machine guides the sale process along, making it much smoother and speedier than a traditional marijuana dispensary sale might take.  “Once you swipe your ID, you can go shopping on the screen,” added Patrick.  “You can be in and out — literally — in a matter of minutes.”

It is important to keep in mind that although marijuana may be legal in some states, it doesn’t negate the fact that marijuana still remains a mind-altering substance.  The legality of a substance does not change the addictive qualities that the drug possesses.  Placing substances like marijuana in vending machines may prove to have disastrous consequences because it promotes easier and quicker access to the drug. Purchasing drugs has become as easy as the swipe of a card.  How could this not escalate into a public health crisis?

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