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Marijuana News About Florida And Wisconsin Made Headlines

In recent marijuana news,  a liquid marijuana drink has officially been created!  Almost on the shelves in Wisconsin, the product has the media’s attention.  Even though marijuana is legal in the state, some people in the nation are in question of the drinkable version of the mind-altering substance.  Meanwhile, Florida is still treading water until the vote in November on amending the state law for marijuana.

Marijuana News

Wisconsin Marijuana News

As founder of Mirth located in Longview,  Adam Stites stumbled upon what he feels to be a monumental idea for this generation: a liquid marijuana drink.  Stites believes that the concept behind the method of drinking is to make marijuana “much more approachable.”  He compares it as being preferred over, “Hey mom and dad do you want a joint?” as he explained as a reference.  Reconfiguring marijuana to make it easier to take, as well as create an atmosphere that a majority of people could deem as socially acceptable, could very well end up being harmful to society as it creates the facade that getting high is on par with drinking something as mild as chocolate milk.  The message being sent to the public when Stites made his comparison is absurd because he is saying that the idea of marijuana is not friendly enough and that the image of it should be more inviting to all.  The liquid marijuana drink will also have coffee and soda mixed in it with the choice of fruit flavors added to it like lemon ginger, pomegranate, or cherry.  Advertised as, “Couch, meet butt,” and suggesting that you can become “one with your furniture,” the drink called Legal is said to be very calming.

Stites, who is also a pilot, claims on his website that the motivation behind his idea is more than just being about a drinkable marijuana-infused combination of coffee and soda.  “Mirth is in a position to help change Longview’s trajectory,” he expresses. He boasts about how his company “uses local, natural ingredients.”  It is important to remember that the word “natural” is not synonymous with safety.  Actually, that’s quite the misconception.  A product that is claimed to be natural does not constitute approval by the Food & Drug Administration.  In addition to this, there may be an unwanted reaction or effect from taking this “natural” product since it is new without much testing on its safety.

Florida Marijuana News

In other states’ marijuana news, Florida has been generating press over its controversy in regards to citizens’ opinion on what the future legality should be for the drug in the state.  Since last year’s forced bong ban, which prohibited sales of smoking instruments like pipes used specifically for smoking marijuana, the laws regarding the drug have become a bit more tolerant to say the least – enough to the point where a November ballot will determine the fate of the drug.  Because they may be needed for medical reasons, it is permitted that these bongs and pipes, which are ordinarily referred to formerly just strictly as drug paraphernalia, be sold.  It’s quite the conundrum because last year around this time in Florida, marijuana abuse had gotten to the point where the state passed a law that outlawed all drug paraphernalia sales and yet only a year later, it is generally expunged in accordance of the allowance of marijuana for medicinal purposes with prescription.  This kind of confusion is only going to complicate the average drug abuser’s basic concept of drugs because they may figure it is okay to revert back to their drug habit or in some case, start it for the first time.

To sum it up, marijuana laws are changing and stirring much confusion in citizens’ minds.  Addicts cannot afford to be confused when it comes to the legality of a drug because ultimately a drug is a drug and the law has no impact on the addictive qualities.  Why even risk “waking up the beast” of addiction?

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